Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension. Note: Enabling cheat codes will not prevent achievements from becoming unlocked.

Easy as pie! (20 points): Complete all levels on Easy.
Is this normal? (50 points): Complete all levels on Normal.
Hard pressed (100 points): Complete all levels on Hard.
Lead on, M-Dubs! (5 points): Complete the Tutorial.
End of Act 1 (20 points): Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level.
End of Act 2 (20 points): Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level.
End of Act 3 (20 points): Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level.
Getting warmed up (10 points): Defeat 100 enemies.
In the zone (20 points): Defeat 500 enemies.
Ain't no stoppin'! (50 points): Defeat 1000 enemies.
Manifest Destiny (100 points): Complete the Web of Destiny.
Bug collector (50 points): Collect all Hidden Spiders.
The complete package (20 points): Unlock all Character upgrades.
Smooth moves (20 points): Unlock all Combat upgrades.
Uncle Benjamin (10 points): Execute a 100-hit combo (except the Tutorial).
Two hundo (20 points): Execute a 200-hit combo (except the Tutorial).
Missed me! (20 points): Defeat a boss on any difficulty level without taking damage.
Close call! (10 points): Recover 10 times from a Critical Fall.
Amazing! (20 points): Complete 4 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode.
Sensational!! (30 points): Complete 8 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode.
Spectacular!!! (50 points): Complete 12 levels with the highest rank in Hard mode.
Hobbyist (10 points): Collect 125 Spider Emblems.
Enthusiast (15 points): Collect 250 Spider Emblems.
Fanatic (20 points): Collect 500 Spider Emblems.
The Spider's shadow (10 points): Complete a Noir level without triggering an alarm.
The Spider's bite (10 points): Keep Rage Mode active for one minute.
The Spider's grace (10 points): Complete a 2099 freefall section without taking damage.
The Spider's web (10 points): Defeat 50 enemies using the Amazing Charge Attack.

Additionally there are fourteen secret achievements.

Survival of the fittest (15 points): Defeat Kraven on any difficulty level.
Something CAN stop Juggernaut! (15 points): Defeat Juggernaut on any difficulty level.
Here's mud in your eye! (15 points): Defeat Sandman on any difficulty level.
Now there's a shock (15 points): Defeat Electro on any difficulty level.
Canceled! (15 points): Defeat Deadpool on any difficulty level.
Minimized Carnage (15 points): Defeat Carnage on any difficulty level.
Clipped wings (15 points): Defeat Hobgoblin on any difficulty level.
Took the sting out of him (15 points): Defeat Scorpion on any difficulty level.
Lay down your arms (15 points): Defeat Doc Ock on any difficulty level.
The caged bird squawks (15 points): Defeat Vulture on any difficulty level.
The hammer falls (15 points): Defeat Hammerhead on any difficulty level.
Circus freak (15 points): Defeat Goblin on any difficulty level.
Final curtain call (50 points): Defeat Mysterio on any difficulty level.
No harm done (20 points): Complete any level without dying (except the Tutorial).