Many different versions of Spider-Man exist these days. Marvel’s wall-crawler has been re-envisioned as everything from a 17th century Scottish rogue to a radioactive pig. In the past, I’ve had little reason to pay attention to these Spider-Man variants. However, developer Beenox makes a strong argument for some of Spidey’s time displaced alternates in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Leading me to wonder why games have focused on only one version of Spider-Man for so long.

Creating a game with four different main characters, four different worlds, four different art styles, and four different game types sounds overly ambitious, but any smart developer knows that it needs to change things up to keep the action fresh. Shattered Dimensions works that need for variety into its fiction. One level had me running through a jungle using Spider-Man’s spider sense to dodge sniper fire. In the next I was falling past mile-high skyscrapers, dodging hover cars in a future version of New York. Next I was web-zipping between crates as they twirled through the eye of a giant sand tornado. Then a series of spotlights hunted me across the skyline as I quietly knocked out a mob of thugs. The action in Shattered Dimensions is almost schizophrenic, but it’s never boring. Usually in a game like this, half the action ends up feeling unpolished, but Beenox avoids that pitfall while making all of Shattered Dimensions’ disparate game types flow seamlessly together.

With this much going on it’s almost hard to pick a favorite world. Amazing’s gorgeous environments reminded me of Borderlands’ comic book vistas, and its web-based combat felt different than any of the other worlds. I also loved 2099’s neon-tipped environments and free-falling combat, which had me slamming super villains into any object that got in the way of gravity. The Ultimate universe puts Spidey in the black suit and gives him a rage meter, which makes the action against hordes of smaller minions all the more fierce. But I may have had the most fun in the Noir universe, where its stealth-based levels allowed me to sneak through cracks in the shadows and whittle away the enemy numbers with a series of punishing takedowns. The variety in this game extends to the unique boss battles, which usually involve using the environment to creatively take down your opponent instead of just chipping away at a large health bar.