I love the Spiderman games. Well, I loved the PSOne Spiderman and the sequel "Enter Electro." I also loved the second and third movie games. While this game gives me a great Spidey fix, I can't say that I love the game, but it is does give you a hell of a ride.

The four versions of Spiderman are all unique, yet exactly the same. Actually, three are the same, Noir is a different story. Amazing and Ultimate feel really similar. While they're fun, the only real difference is Ultimate's "Rage" meter which makes the Black-Suit take over and you get a giant power boost. Amazing is pretty much the Spiderman we're used to, the basic powers. The two new, and by new I mean not already in a game, are 2099 and Noir. 2099 is very similar to the others in basic combat, but you're given several free-fall sections similar to those in God of War III. Noir is almost exactly like the Predator missions from "Arkham Asylum," only this time you can escape their view extremely easy. Of the four Noir is the most fun, but that may be because it is the most unique.

As far as gameplay goes, it's pretty simple. Combos are similar to the other games, as is web-swinging and web-vaulting. On the other hand, the closed, linear path of each story definitely takes away from feeling of Spiderman. I loved swinging through New York, and while it is a lot to ask for four separate cities to roam, I feel they could have just brought them all into one world and left my freedom alone. My main gripe with the mechanics is the camera. Several times I was put in a tight situation due to the unruly camera. On top of that several boss fights require you to throw environmental objects at your opponent and half the time the targeting system would switch at the last second and I found myself flying towards an invincible enemy only to lose part of my health. 

Where the game both shines and falls is in the story. As far as story goes, there is basically none. The missions can be played in any order which loses the adhesiveness that the game could really have played on. It is a pretty basic storyline, this is an old tablet, it is broken, you must fix it. Pretty underwhelming. Also, I'm still not sure how these pieces broke into the separate dimensions in the first place. Maybe I missed one of the game's cutscenes, which are the only thing in the game that progresses its story. Other than the weakness of the plot, I did enjoy seeing which villains I would be facing and what they would look like in their different incarnations. Each boss fight is pretty unique, but ultimately they all are repetitive and some, *cough* Sandman *cough,* become quite frustrating due to the camera angle problems.

Overall this game isn't my favorite Spiderman game. Had it had a better story it would have taken me back to the days of the PSOne classic. Unfortunately it falls short compared to those in my eyes and, while it is a good game that I would recommend to most, I can't see myself going back to it again. Four Spideys should have meant four times the fun. Unfortunately it's more like four separate quarters equaling the same old thing. Fun, but not groundbreaking.