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  • Blog Post: The Great Locked Door Caper

    Spider-Man: Edge of Time's story plays out like a Stephen Hawking book – if Stephen Hawking was a comic book-addicted third grader. The terms "quantum causality," "Einstein-Rosen Bridge," "temporal paradox," "wormhole," and "timestorm" are thrown... More
  • Blog Post: Spider-Man: Edge Of Time The First 30 Minutes

    At this year’s PAX we had a chance to get our hands on the first 30 minutes of Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and we walked away impressed with the game’s overall polish and cinematographic flair. The game begins with Spider-Man in the throes of a battle with Anti-Venom. Of course, since Anti... More
  • Blog Post: Two Spider-Men Converge In Edge Of Time Trailer

    The latest Spider-Man title from Activision and Beenox clearly involves a lot of time travel, and that always spells trouble in comic books. Still, you don't need to understand multiple Spider-Man timelines to enjoy the latest trailer. After checking out the action below, you can get more info, see... More
  • Blog Post: Anti-Venom Could Kill Spider-Man In Edge Of Time

    We haven’t seen a lot of Spider-Man: Edge of Time since our feature of the game, but at this year’s E3 we got to witness the unveiling of two of the game’s villains: Walker Sloan and Anti-Venom. Developer Beenox teamed up with comic book icon Peter David to write the story for Spider... More
  • Blog Post: Spider-Man Is Dead In New Edge Of Time Trailer

    Learn more about the premise behind Spider-Man's upcoming time-hopping action game in the latest trailer. Spider-Man: Edge of Time supposes a universe in which the original Spider-Man dies, and a Spider-Man of the future must work out a way to keep that death from happening by peering back through... More
  • Blog Post: Future Focused: Spider-Man Edge Of Time

    Spider-Man is dead. After years of battling super villains and saving New York from bi-weekly disasters, the wall crawler meets a gruesome end. The superhero’s death sends New York into a spiral. Crime reaches new heights as poverty and homelessness spread like viruses. By the year 2099, New York’s... More
  • Blog Post: Time Is A Tangled Web In Spider-Man: Edge Of Time

    In the comics, the years of Spider-Man’s life can be marked off with tragedies. Perhaps it’s fitting then that the hero’s video game career has been a roller coaster of critical successes and insulting failures. With last year’s Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, developer Beenox... More
  • Blog Post: Save Peter Parker

    The webslinger returns this fall, as Activision has announced Spider-Man: Edge of Time for a release on unspecified consoles. Shattered Dimensions' developer Beenox is back at the helm of this title ( check out Ben Reeve's review of that game, here ), and Spidey's time-traveling ways will... More
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