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Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Spider-Man: Edge Of Time The First 30 Minutes

At this year’s PAX we had a chance to get our hands on the first 30 minutes of Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and we walked away impressed with the game’s overall polish and cinematographic flair.

The game begins with Spider-Man in the throes of a battle with Anti-Venom. Of course, since Anti-Venom has the ability to neutralize Spider-Man’s powers, we were quickly overcome by the symbiote. The game then flashed back to “Earlier…in the future,” as Spider-Man 2099 was hot on the trail of Walker Sloan, who was planning to use a time travel portal to travel back in time and rewrite history. Unfortunately, Sloan succeeds, and Spider-Man 2099 has to contact Amazing Spider-Man – who after the time altering events now works for Alchemax in the present – in order to correct the time stream.

We experienced a few quantum causality events like we’ve talked about in the past, and played around with the combat system, which is fast paced and fun. However, one new system that we played around with this time around was the challenge system. Throughout the game players will be faced with certain challenges ranging from collecting a certain number of orbs within the environment in a certain time frame to defeating a certain number of enemies without taking damage. When these challenges are completed, players are awarded with extra experience that they can be used to level up both versions of Spider-Man. If a player fails the challenge the first time they can retry it immediately or continue on with the story and come back to retry the challenge at any time. If a player retries the challenge latter, the game will save your progress in the story mode so that you can pick back up where you left off before you started the challenge.

Overall, the game is shaping up nicely, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the final build before the game’s October 4 release date. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out the behind the scenes video below.

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  • It looks awesome, I'm just sad that Noir is gone. It was my favorite part of Shattered Dimensions.
  • die spiderman!!!!

  • I've seen the trailer and i'm not impressed. Enjoy, everyone else!

  • Why do Spider-man games always have to include the symbiote. He has sooo many rogues so why always Venom/Carnage/the symbiote itself.
  • Lost interest in the Spider-Man series after Shattered Dimensions.
  • Game is looking phenomenal, not to mention I like what they're doing with the story. All in all, I think Beenox has really shown they can handle the Spiderman IP adeptly.

  • This game just keeps looking better and better.

  • i never really liked the spider man games, just not my thing, new game looks good tho. so to all that do like these games, enjoy!

  • This game looks awesome; Graphics are amazing
  • I have never been into spiderman games ...but SHATTERED DIMENSIONS was excellent...this might be a day one buy for me..BEENOX knows what they are doing

  • you guys mispelled "keaton" in the video title

  • ill b the 1st 2 say im a spider-man fan but think this game will fail looks like their taking all the weak points from shattered dimensions and making a game from it 2099 spider-man was weak in last noir kinda fun but not flawless black/spider-man felt like a caged bug not fun they should have kept open world feel aint nothing like web slinging story was all right nothing we havent seen or heard before but complaining aside i will get the new 1 tho
  • dats a fye ass venom outfit........dis is who they need on marvel vs capcom 3
  • Might actually be a spider man game worth buying

  • What a tease... I thought you had a vid of the first 30 minutes.
  • Are there any other good Spidey games?
  • why venom gotta be white all of a sudden sayin black isn't going to be in the future huh???? lol what in the future he lost his black side not cool man not cool
  • It looks so awesome! I have 2 favorite superheros, batman and spider-man. And this looks like it's going to be the best spider-man game yet. And it would be soooo cool if they make a spider-man game like arkham city, holy crap that would be sweet!

  • This dose look pretty cool...I didn't really like the last Spider-Man game that came out...But i'll have to keep this on my watch list

  • huge Spider Man 2099 fan.will be getting this for sure.

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