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  • Blog Post: Still Lacking Open World, in more ways than one.

    I have always enjoyed Spider-man as a teenager, I can see myself in Peter. The nerd who is socially awkward, but is a genius in the aspects of life that will land him an average job, he never gets the girl, and he has family problems that seem to always creep up at the weirdest times. I think in some... More
  • Blog Post: Spider-fan

    I thought Edge of Time was quite a fun experience. The only real problem I had with it was the lack of lock on. This one major fault made it hard to focus on certain enemies that needed to be dealt with first. Besides that the game looks and plays great, and has plenty of spider-man's signature quirks... More
  • Blog Post: Spider man edge of time

    Good game but not so good gameplay ( as far as Characters go) More
  • Blog Post: Review, Spider-Man, Edge of Time: A disappointment, but not a disaster.

    Beenox's first effort, Shattered Dimensions , was a triumphant return to dignity for Spider-man, a superhero about as maligned as Batman when it comes to videogame history. Spanning a rather nostalgic tale implementing four parallel universes with their own gameplay and art styles, Shattered Dimensions... More
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