I have always enjoyed Spider-man as a teenager, I can see myself in Peter. The nerd who is socially awkward, but is a genius in the aspects of life that will land him an average job, he never gets the girl, and he has family problems that seem to always creep up at the weirdest times. I think in some ways we can all see a little bit of Petey in ourselves. That is what makes Spider-man a relatable and enjoyable character, add the spider powers and witty banter and you have the makings of a great video game character. Unfortunately, this game seems to not understand those fundamental principles. It's almost like Beenox was on a money high when they made this game, trying to jump onto the hype the shattered dimensions created. Sadly, they got on the wrong train.

The plot is a wonderful idea, time traveling was something that Spidey did on occasion, sometimes it wasn't even canon. Bringing the addition of 2099 into the mix was also genius. The twists and turns that the game created kept me on my toes, and when some of them were revealed I almost had a heart attack. Though it was sadly executed, even with the impending death that I felt, I couldn't help but feel the reveals were cheesy or even forced to much. Making the plot seem more like a money-making low-budget film with the title of a beloved character slapped on. (Without trademark rights attached). now that's not to say it wasn't enjoyable, at times it was a little silly making me feel like I was still in the spider-man universe, but barely.

The game-play was already hashed by Gameinformer, and I agree. When Is tarted playing it I felt like it couldn't be as bad as they had said, because it was after all the beenox spider-man they had made shattered dimensions it must be awesome. I was wrong. Imagine running through a door only to end up in the same room you were in, and now the door you just came through is locked and you have to fight off the same bad guys to get a key to get through the door. Then repeat that process until the writer of your life puts a cut scene in with different scenery. That's what this game feels like, you do nothing but open doors and fight villains. Okay, so you save Mary Jane... yay! One change in the gameplay doesn't change the fact that it's so repetitive I was beating my head against Amazing Fantasy #15 for days wishing that spider would just knock me unconscious. I mean granted they update some of the minor things that I felt was lacking in Shattered dimensions, like web swinging felt off, in this I felt more like I was web swinging and less like my web shooters gave out after each press of the trigger. I did feel more like spider-man, the mechanics were tweaked enough from dimensions that I enjoyed playing as spider-man. It just felt right, and the updated spider-sense was amazing! if not a little unorthodox at times. Yet, with the constant having to open doors, the tweaks and updates weren't enough to make me want to finish the game.

I don't even remember the musical score, I think I was screaming to much. Then the fact that my ears were bleeding just made it even harder to hear the music, if there was any. The voice acting though was amazing, which was to be expected from some original spider-man voice actors.

Overall, this game was the return to spider-man movie games, or I should at least say the first spider-man movie game. It was repetitive, slow, and the plot was so thin you could make Spidey soup out of it.

This game is so closed it even more closed than Maximum Carnage way back when. I miss the days of open-world Spidey games, where I could roam freely doing impossible web swinging tricks and fighting random crime throughout the city. What happened to those days? I mean yes Beenox is making "The Amazing Spider-man" Movie game. But I want the original Spidey in open world, RPG goodness.I want to get to know Peter Parker through his eyes in a video game. This game is so closed in story, game-play, and whatever else, that I am so close to using it as a toilet bowl cleaner. Or to degrease my grille on the Fourth of July. Unless Beenox realizes that their facebook page won't reach the number of fans they are wanting until two years after The Amazing Spider-man is released, and they just release the free arena mode! then the game might actually have replay value.


P.s. I was going to give this game a 7.75... then I read the review I wrote and realized that was to high. Now it get's two less points. Way to go Beenox!