The light still shine for spidey..

This game is just amaizing first, it is not how gameinfomer described it, and I must admit I was kind of dissapointed to see such a terrible rating for a spidey game, but  this game have real good qualities like it´s graphics it increidible sound, story, and well I would not spoiled all the sorprises...

The all theme of the game is just stuning, just have the idea of the time travelig and the continue interaction between one time and another, plus the spectection of anticipate the story, just for you have another end line , during the hall game you would be playing both as Amaizing Spiderman and as Spiderman 2099, both of them has a special quiality that make you miss him when you play with the other, this the forts strong point of this game, you would experience not only one special character, one special style fight, one story line, you would see how powerfull and usefull you can be for both spidermans, with this you can actually feel the pressure and it is and new ingridient that is important for this combination.

The grapihics are increidible, with the voice recording amaizing but what really impress in this game is the web swing addition, this is way more improve than shattered dimensions, this would make you feel more a curious about how usefull this could be, improving also the story line this would make you see that nothing what seems real , is actually the pike of the iceberg comming, with the incredible fact that would make you play forever this game is the substance of knowing the end of this amaizing story and the pressure of correct and re write the story how it suppose to be.

Finnally let see wat could improve Bennox, the story its great but they could have make it a little longer, the combat fighting it´s really nice but I would like to see more creativity used in the story in more fighing positions and enemies dinamics, but this see to little in compare for all the stunning things you would find and confront in this game you would see the real side of being a hero.