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Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line Extended Gameplay Footage

This collection of scenes from Spec Ops: The Line shows off the beginning of the game and some of the more interesting mechanics.

You’ll see Walker using sand to take out enemies, commanding his troops to attack, and even get a glimpse at the sandstorms and how much they affect combat. There's a full seven and a half minutes of gameplay in total, which does include some minor spoilers, so avoid this if you want to play The Line free of pre-conceptions.

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  • Not so interested, but seeing as the last couple of spec ops games have been crap, I'm kind of hoping it does well.

  • Thats the guy that plays drake in uncharted!! love that guy!
  • That was awesome.

  • I liked the Spec Ops games in the past. This one looks great so far. A lot of action...I can get into.
  • wasnt interested in this game in the least bit... until this video. actually looks good. i am loving the whole sunken dubai environment setting
  • Mod
    This game is officially on my radar. The setting is used to great effect, and I'm digging the 3rd person perspective. The banter between the soldiers felt pretty natural and entertaining as well, that's not easy to pull off.
  • It looks kinda meh. I'm gonna have to wait to hear a bit more on this one.

  • Im pretty intrigued now. This is deff one of those games that i would like to wait til theres a few reviews out for. Deosent seem like a day 1 ppurchase regardless.

  • Nolan North is Awesome!!!

  • So pumped.  I've been following this game for a while

  • So, can we call it Army of Three? The cover and teamwork aspects make it look similar to AoT, hopefully it's a lot better. Love the sandstorm, it's a nice new take on FPS storytelling.
  • This games looks stunning and frikken amazing, i just hope we get a good story out of it, they got the setting for it atleast! This is a buy for me for sure!

  • Thats Drake's grandson.

  • Looks pretty good, though maybe it's just me, but the movement looks a little stiff. Otherwise I really like how this game is looking. Love the use of the environment in some parts.

  • looks b-o-r-i-n-g!!!! Oh and generic. i'll pass on this one. There is way too many great games coming out next year for me to even give this game one ounce of my attention.
  • Looks intense. Great setting, fantastic graphics, awesome dialogue. Let's just hope the story and mechanics are up to par. I'll keep it on my radar.
  • Graphics looks great.

  • Nolan North.  Best video game voice actor EVER.

  • Most Excellent
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