When I saw my first glimpse of this game, I was extremely excited. There's something about corpses hanging upside down with their heads buried in the sand that makes the little demented child inside me jump for joy. It looked like it was gonna be a fresh new take on both the apocalypse AND shooter genres. When the moment of truth game and the game loaded up, I was so happy...

And then the game started. Right off the bat, they tried to be funny by having the characters toss banter back and forth at each other. I was expecting a serious game with some serious ass-kicking characters. That's not what I got at all. Throughout the whole thing, this troupe was just plain annoying. 

Aside from the pesky characters, there was the fact of the controls. I play a lot of third person shooters, and I must say that I found these controls very odd and hard to use. I'm not sure exactly what it was but they felt heavy, per se. Other than that, the gameplay was about on par with most other third person games. It reminded me a little bit of Siphon Filter. There wasn't exactly anything that made this game all that special.

Most people almost never complain about this...but the music just did not fit with this game. It was supposed to be a game that takes place in the near future after Dubai was nearly destroyed by a series of terrible sandstorms; a sort of "apocalypse-now" scenario. A majority of the music sounded like it belonged back in the 70's and not in an apocalyptic wasteland of the future.  It just did not fit the game in any way.

This game is what you would expect to come out of a newly formed company. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't very good, either. I think I'm just going to have to shelf this one. It was alright as far as shooters go. It was rather generic (aside from the story) and a little annoying at times. I don't think they got the whole atmosphere of the scenario just right. They didn't exactly hit the nail on the head with this one but it might be something I'd pop in every now and again if I ever get in a "run around and shoot people" kind of mood.