This game rocked


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All i have to say is I am tired and sick of this macho man, macho man, macho man, I do not want to be a macho man, but for some reason I keep buying macho man games.

No puns to the Village People, but come on, how many games do we need where the protagonist is juiced up on Roids' and Energy drinks ready to kick butt and chew gum, and you know the rest... But this games stands apart, unlike that acronym game and failed shooter from the past trying to emerge this game mixes the old school PS2 shooter Socom w/ the essence of the elegance of Uncharted titles.

The games locations and set pieces on seriously on par with Uncharted series, aside from the fact the sexy New Haven voice who's voice is as popular than a Kenny G album from 1993, Mr. Nolan North, the dude who is the main character from Uncharted, yes Nathan Drake, even though he's some Commando dude in this game, to me he's still Nate Drake.... biatches...

Anyway, if you gamefly or get this discounted or full price you won't be P.O'ed it's a great military shooter with the twists and turns of a Jerry Brockheimer movie. So kudos to Yager and 2K for getting this into our consoles summer of 2012, it's a worthy title to buy or rent, either way don't pass this game up, it's a must play, even if your into Scifi, which I am , this has great pulls and reference from all walks of cinema. 

You gotta play into the first hour, and you will be wowed, like when you played Uncharted for the first time, but your in Dubai, the one of the wealthiest cities in the world and your blowing it up.