I was excited for spec ops: the line. I thought it looked like a dark and gritty experience that most shooter don't do. I hated the critism it got, but still got it. I think truely the critics were wrong. This is a great game. Not award winning but better then what everyone says.

  Graphics are good. Surroundings looks good, and I really like how cutscenes looked as well. Score is all right, but voice acting I thought was well done. Story is great. Best thing about the game. It keeps you going through the dark path, and with 4-8 hours of gameplay, and with multiple endings, the game has a good replay value.

Spec ops has strength, but also has a few issues. The main one is the multiplayer. It sucks. It might be some fun, but overall it's an experience I don't like playing. The last issue are the controls. There all right, butgoing into cover can be such a pain.

Overall, Spec ops: The Line is a great shooter. If they had fixed the 2 issues, I could say this would be a 10 out of 10. Still, with a few issues, it has a great story, and fun gameplay. That's why I would give Spec ops: The line a

9.25 out of 10