Have you ever killed someone in a video game and actually felt bad? If so then prepare to have that uncomfortable feeling return in Spec Ops: The Line. If not then let your rage flag fly and kill without mercy in the campaigns multi-pathed gameplay. The story is great and will stop you from putting the controller down until it's done. Also as I previously mentioned the story will change based on players actions so multiple play throughs may be needed to grasp the story as it does have some twists and turns. However when the story is over and the achievements/trophies have been earned the fun is over too. The multiplayer is not horrible, but it doesn't stand out either. It's more of a typical third person deathmatch then a cinamatic good time like the story. Some gamemodes are fun and may give you a few hours of happiness, but it could have been better. I would recommend this game for the great campaign, but maybe wait till the price drops first.