A lot of the shooters I've played have been you shooting the bad guys and walking away with a cool cut scene with everyone hugging about the great job they've done. But in this game there are no hugs and kisses there are only bullets and murder. Welcome to Dubai.

The game begins with you walking into Dubai not really aware with what's inside all you know is there is a distress beacon. your team is signed the job of seeing if its a hoax or if it's a beacon of hope that the 33'd is still alive and kicking. What you stumble apon is far worse than you could have imagined. Death, Desperation, and destruction. The thriple D's you don't want in your face, but sadly that's all captain Walker seems to be getting. 

The game as a certain feel about it. It makes you feel like your bad guy not sure if it's the actions you make or the radio man telling you the fact. That's another great thing about this game. The radio man playing the greatest hits of the Vietnam war. 

The game plays through in the roughest of ways. You do things and see things that you wish you could unsee you feel the sadness of the delta squad. The vengance they  want for what has happened in this forgotten city. 

There are twist's and turns that will make you say why did I just do that. What is wrong with me. I thought I was doing the right thing. Damn it. But all in all it's a different feeling. That's what I loved about this game. It wasn't the same story all other shooters give you. It was a refreshing experience not one that is recycled over and over.No terrorist, No hostile take over, No true hero's. Just someone trying to be a hero to the people of the city, and the people of the city trying to survive. With a hint of american soldier's turned rotten? or have they.

Well you'll need to find out won't you.

The control's in this game are a bit hard to get used to. and the games mechanics themselves are very annoying but the story is worth the small troubles. the cover system can be really annoying, but its easy to over come.

It's obvious the game producers weren't to worried about the game control's but where more worried about the thrilling game experience and the great ways to show it of. A real phsychologically mind boggling journey into the heart of hell. Who would want to come back from that...