I must confess, I wasn't sure about the game until I played the demo, but as a whole, the game comes off pretty great.

Now, I have issue with a few things, but the game Gets a 9 because all of the pieces are there. No, this is not a Multiplayer review, as that is going to have to be a separate score.

If you read the review, I wont re-elaborate, but I will say these are the key points.

1. Moves and shoots great.

2. the enemies die bloody and ragdolltistically.

3. the story will have you trying to save some for later, but you know you are really going to play it to see what happens next. No, I havent beaten it. I am saving it for later. :-)

those parts give it a 9.

Now for the nitpicks.

1. no split screen /campaign co-op 

2. cover system is a rip off of the wrong game (Rainbow six has the best cover mechanic of any game, and F3AR has a pretty awesome mechanic that works very well for a close second. Gears is a distant 3rd, because you have to actively be leaned against the wall to hop over it. no, this game doesnt give me the inclination that it needs to be done that way, but it isnt as smooth as it should be.)

3. feels like ghost recon future soldier and max payne had a baby 

All in all, the game is great.


The Vietnam theme from the radio actually adds to the undertone of the game. The Vietnam war was useless, and violent, and had many deaths and was very traumatic. this game captures that feeling. it feels like a blockbuster with bad acting, but bad acting served schwartzenegger and stallone, right? 

Buy or no buy?

Well, I honestly would say I would have loved to buy this for $50. $60 is a bit much for this offering, especially when you have to justify the purchase for your household." Youre the only one playing it?"

yeah, men and their games.


Split-screen would have made this game a 10, the whole time I'm playing, thats all I say to myself. 

For you split-screen haters, this game will whet your appetites. for the rest of us who love to have friends over and play, this game fits those lonely weekends. sure, I could play online, but really, they are only going to shut the server down in a couple of years anyway.

Peace and love!