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  • Blog Post: A Powerful But Uneven Descent Into Madness

    Over the course of the last 20-plus years, I’ve blasted though countless waves of gun-toting virtual humans with nary a thought of the Geneva Conventions. Nine times out of ten these encounters begin with the enemies shooting at me, so I have no philosophical qualms about shooting back. Sometimes... More
  • Blog Post: Multiplayer Trailer Pits Damned Against Exiles

    Up until now, 2k Games and Yager Entertainment have done their best to show us how they're showing the horrors of war in Spec Ops: The Line. Since the game also has a multiplayer component, now they're in the somewhat awkward position of having to convince everyone that it's also kind of... More
  • Blog Post: Latest Trailer Shows A Gritty Take On War

    From the outset, Spec Ops: The Line has been emphasizing its take on the horrors of war through frank depictions of torture and other carnage. Its latest trailer doesn't shy away from that sort of grim spectacle, either. The game is set in a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai and focuses on the aftermath from... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Spec Ops: The Line's Unsettling New Trailer And Screens

    2K Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming military shooter Spec Ops: The Line, and what it lacks in gameplay footage it more than makes up for with disturbing visuals. The clip takes images of American pop culture and juxtaposes them with scenes of violence and horror. Spec Ops: The Line is... More
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