N-Fusion Interactive–co-developer of Deus Ex: The Fall (our review)–has posted a video walkthrough for its upcoming space-combat game Space Noir. The video is presented by Joe Parisi (studio and audio director) and Carissa Isolano (art director) who give commentary over the pre-alpha footage.

Parisi and Isoilano give a brief introduction to Space Noir’s concept and then launch straight into its action. Space Noir has battles both in space and on the surface of planets, but this video takes place during a surface battle. The duo explains the different features and ideas behind the game, including its minimal UI and how the player’s health is displayed on the ship.

Space Noir’s story is centered on Hal Markham, a bounty hunter who captures renegades with the help of his AI assistant Al-Rhonda, across over 35 missions. The title is being published by Unity Games, and will release on PC, Android tablets, and iPad this summer.