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kinda obvious

Space Invaders Extreme 2

kinda obvious


No, no, no... this man isn't well. Listen, it's quite simple.
1. Find the churchmouse and hand him the doberge cake.
2. [DANCE] with him until you gain his trust.
3. Listen carefully for the Cedar Waxwing to call 4 times. (Careful, Waxwing calls are similar to the Red Grouse's. Mind your Audubon Guide.)
4. After the 4th call, ingnite the Seal of the Seven Jackals with the Nincompoop Torch that Lena gave you in World 3-2. 
5. The attacks should become more frequent at this point but if you move in a unicursal hexagram looping pattern you'll reamain untouched.
6. After finishing off the final baddie, out comes (as if it's a surprise) your former partner, Greg.
7. Here's where it gets tricky: Equipping yourself properly is key! Sword: Masamune, Shield: Gumdrop Shield, Helmet: Big ol' Cowboy Hat, Armor: Sliced Ham Suit, Relic: Oil of Abramelin.
8. Find Greg sitting in the dimly lit den holding a bottle of cheap scotch, a picture of his ex-wife and only his tears to console him.
9. Greg will explain everything that happened to Scoliosis Brenda and Kneecap John in a really long cutscene that you can't skip no matter how hard you press the start button. 
10. After that's done just hit Greg twice with a cure potion and shoot him in the butt.

Congratulations. You've just beaten Space Invaders Extreme 2 and saved humanity and such. Consider yourself a hero. You're not a hero, just... y'know, just kinda like one. But not really. Kinda like when some famous person gets an honorary degree from Harvard or something. It's like, 'Yeah, we know Matthew Broderick probably doesn't have the chops to get through MIT but this team of dudes who invented robo-chimps really liked that movie Project X from 1987 so we'll toss ol' Matty a little sump'in sump'in, right?' Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

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  • OH! now I know why It wasn't working.  I shot him in the butt then hit him with a cure potion twice instead of the other way around. Thanks for your help.

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