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South Park: The Stick of Truth

Gamescom Delivers A Handful Of New South Park: The Stick Of Truth Screens

The latest batch of screens from South Park: The Stick of Truth, further demonstrate how the show and the game are nearly indistinguishable.

Check out the gallery below for some gameplay screens, some cutscene screens, as well as some combat screens.

For more on Stick of Truth, check out our most recent preview. We're still not sure exactly when the game is coming out, but it should be this year.

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  • This game is never coming out.
  • I'll play this game. It'll make me feel like I'm 14 again.

  • This is the only game my dad is actually interested in; it'll be fun to actually play a video-game with a parent for once.

  • Is this an Xbox exclusive? The article seems to suggest so.
  • I really just want this game to release soon! I've been waiting patiently since it was first announced.

  • Giggling Donkey = Prancing Pony lol
  • This is xbox exclusive right?
  • i cant wait to buy it have it preordered already for my ps3 lol

  • Seriously though, when is this game coming out? Hate to say but the more time passes the more I lose interest, especially with so many other great games coming out.

  • He said he was going to give her the stick of truth!

    Girls love sticks and the truth.

  • It should've come out this summer not the overly-saturated winter. I am very excited to play the most smarta- RPG ever!

  • *Crosses fingers and hopes Darth Chef is the final boss*
  • This game has been in development hell forever.  I'll be surprised if it ever does come out.

  • Still looking forward to this game...though I feel it missed a great chance this past Spring/Summer and going against the loaded holiday season of new games and consoles will spell doom for its sales.

  • I want a true release date. I want to play this so bad, we don't have enough funny games out.

  • When this finally comes out, I really hope it can capture the feeling of the show. Also, if it turns out to be an interesting RPG that would be a plus too.
  • I'm just glad this is still being worked on.

    I really wish Obsidian focused on this a little more instead of moving onto so many other projects, like Project Eternity & SkyForge (along with that Allods Online developer). I mean, I get that it was a messy situation with THQ on death's door and then Ubi Soft stepping in and giving the game more time, so I get it - it's still frustrating as a consumer to have to deal with such a delay and not have a concrete release date yet. I have a feeling it's going to miss this year and come out in January or February. Ubi Soft has a pretty loaded slate of releases this Holiday season already, and I'm sure they don't want South Park to get lost amidst some serious competition. For the sake of giving it some breathing room, I bet it'll get pushed into early 2014.