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South Park: The Stick of Truth

Ubisoft HasThe Funniest Game At Gamescom

It shouldn’t be surprising that South Park: The Stick Of Truth is funny, but thankfully it also looks incredibly fun.

Our Gamescom demo begins with epic fantasy music, complete with harp strings and monk-like chorus chanting. In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the entire town of South Park has been pitted against each other in an epic roleplaying game. As Sir D***hebag, players join Cartman on a quest to become cool.

Our hero has tracked down a bard to a local bar called the Giggling Donkey (actually, it's a section of someone’s house that has been converted into a bar; a cooler has been placed on a couch to simulate an actual bar). Cartman and the player enter the “bar,” but as soon as Cartman inquires about the bard, a record scratch noise plays and everyone at the bar looks up. It seems that Cartman should be careful about what he says.

The bartender tells us to head down to the basement. After smashing open some crates and equipping a silly looking metal bikini costume on our male character, we enter a turn-based battle. The bard (played by Jimmy Valmer) sits in the back and sings songs that buff his henchmen. Archers in the back are harder to hit before taking out the warriors in front of them, but we make short work of the whole party thanks to our unique set of stills.

A Hammer of Justice attack kills an enemy in the front and then damages some characters in the back. Our Armor of Reynolds ability allows our hero to wrap himself in tinfoil, which affords him extra protection, and then he finishes off the rest of the attackers with a sword/fart combo that does massive damage.

The game features a silly interpretation of magic. Since most of the characters in the game are in fourth grade, the most magical thing any of them can do is fart, and our hero is good at magic. While wandering the basement he farts into his hand and then throws this ball of magic at a lantern on the wall. The gas explodes and knocks down a wall, clearing the way for us to further explore the dungeon.

After killing a few more goons and collecting a lot of loot, we hear Cartman screaming from the kitchen. By the time we get there, however, we see Cartman pouring ketchup into his mouth and then coughing up this “blood.” Cartmen explains how he got attacked by the bard who has now run off. Our target remains elusive.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to see the next chapter of this encounter when the game releases on PS3, 360, and PC – supposedly this holiday.

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  • The last south park game I played was for the N64. It was a 1st person shooter. I recall the 1st weapon you get was snow balls and if you wanted them do more damage you press the up button (I think) and then you hear a zip sound and every time you throw a snowball you would hear a pee hitting snow sound right before you throw a yellow snow ball. And I don't forget the cow launcher, that weapon was a instant kill. Anyone that got hit by it would walk around with their head up a cows pooper while receiving constant damage until they died. the person also turns blind because... well you know, they have their head up a cows ass. Good times, I really hope it comes out this year.
  • Mod

    My God I've been waiting for this.

  • I really hope it comes out in time for the holidays. I'd love to get this game to help tide me over until I can afford my next gen console (and all the kinks have been worked out).

  • This game is looking fantastic, but these delays are even affecting my level of interest in it. I feel like I should be counting the days until its release, but it's difficult for a game with an unstable launch window to hold interest over those with set dates, like X and Y.

  • This game sounds like it's going to be really fun. I don't get why it doesn't have a release date though. It's been in development for a while now. It seems to be that it definitely needs to be out by the end of the year.

  • Game delays are becoming all too common now a days, and gamers can do nothing but wait.  This game should have released in March of this year, but due to Ubisoft getting it in the bankruptcy auction they had to add there little touch's.  I have had this paid off for awhile and have been disappointed by every update I have seen as being another delay.  I would really be nice to see some extra DLC for those who have pre-ordered and have been waiting on this game all this time!