This is the worst Soul Calibur ever. I don't even know where to begin. I must admit the graphics are superb and the fighting system is just as good as I've come to expect from the Soul series. However, it takes much more than that to make a good fighter. 

The first misstep that this game took is the character roster change. This game takes place 17 years after SCIV so a new roster would make sense. However, Project Soul threw logic out the window and got rid of all fighters that would make sense to keep in the game given their age and kept those that should be long retired, opting for the immortality approach instead. And if that wasn't bad enough only two of the new characters are even likable, in my opinion. All the others come off as plain annoying. 

The second misfortune which really puts the nail in the coffin on this game is the bare bones content. There is a less than three hour long story mode that exemplifies the best of bad story writing. Then there is arcade mode, which even lacks character endings. Apart from these two there is quick battle. And that's it in the single player department. All that's left is the multiplayer component. 

The game does add some nice updates to the combat system such as the critical edges. But then it also blunders in making the guard impact system completely broken. What used to be one of the simplest but yet most effective means of defense has been overcomplicated that it is almost not even worth using. 

I really must say that this series has been on a downward spiral starting with SC3. It is clear to me, a long time fan of this fighting series, that SC5 marks an all time low. It seems as if Project Soul is intentionally trying to tear down their franchise brick by brick. I used to hail Soul Calibur as the king of all fighting games, but I can tell now that those days are long gone.