Soul Calibur V is one heck of a game when it comes to improving on its last iteration. Gone are the three needless bars that tell us how much clothes are character has on. Gone is the pointless and meticulous chore of trying to do your Critical Edge attack with the Soul Gauge(which has also disappeared). The screen feels simple and the Power Gauge feels natural. The same can be said for Ezio, who feels like a normal character instead of a overpowered nightmare(here's looking at you Apprentice).

The Story Mode is great and is five steps up from SCIV. It keeps you guessing all the way through, the cameos are also a great treat for anyone who is trying to wrap their head around what exactly is going on in this world. Versus Mode and Creation are good as well, allowing you to choose what music you want to hear before the battle. Unfortunately you can only play a different song on a different stage with the character you selected. Creation's options are astounding and the level of detail and fun you can have is off the charts. But if you are new at this then it may take you awhile.

Overall Soul Calibur V is a great game indeed, but it has its misstep's which can hopefully be fixed. I hope that the next one is even better than this!