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How To Become A Good Fighter On Soul Calibur IV

Soulcalibur IV

How To Become A Good Fighter On Soul Calibur IV

Ciao, and welcome to my guide on how to become a great fighter on Soul Calibur IV. If your tired of being beat over and over Online, then look no further.

My instructions should help the button-mashing nOOb turn into a deadly fighter.

1. Learn your character.
This is a big help. Go to Training in Single Player Mode and learn your favorite character's moves, even the complex ones. Find combos, and tricks, because when you have an opening, you want to lay the pain down to inflict maximum damage.
Kilik's low X or vertical attack goes for the legs, and takes the opponent off-guard, then when you rise, press B or the kick button to do a double kick. Since the gaurd is messed up by the low strike, the rising kicks attack Mid and High, doing a small chuck of damage.

2. Patience is a virtue.
Wait for your time to strike, and 8 way run as much as you can. If you wait, most attacks leave any character open, especially the simultaneous pressed moves. Stand back too, if the attack misses, make it a strong and fast attack. Really, the decision to attack is all up to you, so choose wisely, because you too can leave yourself open to attack.

3. Use Guard Breaks and Impacts often.
Every character in Soul Calibur has a Guard Break Move. If hit correctly, it'll do what it says, it will break the opponent's guard, leaving a small window to decimate them with a fast attack. Impacts stop the opponents attack in it's tracks. Usually by pressing A or the guard button and flicking the control stick or pressing the control pad in the desired direction. Impacts are harder to land thought, so practice them in Training Mode

4. How to defeat button mashers.
From the button mashers I've played on live, they stick to one or a few moves and pound down your defenses until they win. Learn their technique quickly, then act when the time is right.
If they like sticking to Horizontal attacks, 8 way run and attack when they are open. Usually button mashers hardly guard at all. If they use Vertical, stand back a bit, and then run at them when they are open, use a running vertical attack, or grab them.
If the button masher won't give you enough room, either guard impact them, since it's easier when you know what they are going to do, or use a quick attack, usually one that uses one button and will stop the button masher with a stun or knock down, then lay down the pain.

5. How to Guard yourself effectively.
Usually guarding is slightly diffcult, and could lose you the battle if you don't know how. Switching between the high and low guards is just by watching what your opponent's character is doing. If they're going to swing their weapon low, they usually crouch their body and attack the feet. Most of the time it's a guessing game, crouch guarding at the right time and place when your opponent is going for a high vertical attack, for example.

6. Change up your attacks.
Keep the opponent guessing what your going to do. If you spam a certain move during the match, don't expect to win easily.
Cervantes' Geo Do Ray, which often is pressed after the Charge is easy to predict if used over and over again. Same with his running B or Horizontal move.

7. Warm up before you go into ranked.
If you just got on, warm up with a single player battle or player match online. Usually the latter because your fighting a human opponent rather than a bot.

That's good for the basics. I might post more guides on each character with their strengths and weaknesses soon. Any other questions? Send me a message.

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  • Whoa this is actually a decent simple guide. Thanks!

  • dig the guide but i am gonna look at it in depth but i dont the game anymore but when i do get again i will check out ya guide

  • 8.  Use a Arcade Stick, lol

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