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SoulCalibur II HD Online

This Stage Of History Was Set A Decade Ago

Ten years ago, Namco Bandai brought it's weapon-focused 3D fighter to all three of that generation's platforms. Unless you only had one system, there was a decision to make thanks to exclusive characters on each platform. Today, the publisher has announced the return of Soul Calibur II with an HD update and online play.

Unfortunately, it appears that only one of the three platform-exclusive characters will be included. It was folly to even hope that Link would be included, especially since this is only coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. However, while watching the trailer below, we were hoping that licensing for Spawn might have been worked out. Alas, the most boring of the three, Heihachi from Tekken, is the only one included.

Still, SoulCalibur II is one of the best entries in the franchise, with a deep weapon hunting mode filled with unique match rules, and made even better with the inclusion of online play. It will be available later this year.

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  • Honestly....I'll stick with the physical copy of the Gamecube version I have. It was the better done of the 3 versions that came out I feel as far as control response and layout. Don't really care about online because its enough to have the cheap computer kicking your ass around, I don't need some idiot spamming cheap moves from halfway across the world on top of that.
  • this game was already 720p on the xbox1 and when played on the xbox360, it is even more beautiful, so i dont see the justification for me to get this game cus i own it in HD and played it too much. i am tired of this license, i get bored after a couple of battle with humans or with the cpu...they need some innovations. here is hoping for the 6th.
  • I like Soul Caliber, but I LOVE Tekken!  

  • Best one in the franchise, and I don't care what these guys say, Heihachi is the best of the 3 exclusive characters anyway...gonna pick this one up for sure

  • Shut up and take my money!!!

  • 3 is still my favorite, fingers crossed that one comes next!

  • I am surprised this not on the Wii U. Nintendo and Namco have a very good relationship as companies and Link was the reason why the Gamecube version sold the most copies of all the consoles.

  • Bring back the Hell Spawn.

  • wow i thought it was going to be spawn

  • Sweet, an HD version of one of the best games in the series. ^_^

  • Link.

  • Might just pick up this classic fighter.

  • This makes me happy.  I used to love this game.  GCN version FTW =D

  • Really?? No Link action? Fail

  • Wheres link?


    Namu NamuNamuNamuNamuNamu!