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SoulCalibur II HD Online

This Stage Of History Was Set A Decade Ago

Ten years ago, Namco Bandai brought it's weapon-focused 3D fighter to all three of that generation's platforms. Unless you only had one system, there was a decision to make thanks to exclusive characters on each platform. Today, the publisher has announced the return of Soul Calibur II with an HD update and online play.

Unfortunately, it appears that only one of the three platform-exclusive characters will be included. It was folly to even hope that Link would be included, especially since this is only coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. However, while watching the trailer below, we were hoping that licensing for Spawn might have been worked out. Alas, the most boring of the three, Heihachi from Tekken, is the only one included.

Still, SoulCalibur II is one of the best entries in the franchise, with a deep weapon hunting mode filled with unique match rules, and made even better with the inclusion of online play. It will be available later this year.

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  • Why is there no Wii U version with Link?

  • No Link? If not, I don't want it.

  • This one had the better music, the better fighting, Talim was one of my favorite fighters to use, and since Siegfried and Nightmare were still one and the same, Nightmares move set was the best in this game too.

    I had my fun with 3/4/5, but this...yes I want this again.

  • It's been long time no play SoulCalibur II. Well, maybe I'll buy this game to play right now.

  • Why does everyone hate Heihachi so much? he was F***ing awesome in that game. this game is worth without any of the guest characters.
  • YES!!!

  • No Link, No buy.

    Nintendo should review NamcoBandai involvement in Smash 4.

  • How much is NamcoBandai charging for this game? If it is more then 10 dollars then I will pass. I all ready have a PS2 and Gamecube copy.

  • Wow ten years ago. Brings me back to when I was a wee lad.


  • No Link No Buy.


  • None of these were as good as Soul Blade.
  • May have to pick this up. SC 3 is still my personal favorite, but I liked SC 2 as well.

  • Best game in the series, and Link was easily the best bonus character of a fighting game until Snake and Sonic made their appearances in Smash Bros.  Star Wars characters in the game was just bizarre.

    But, without a Wii U version, and no Link, I'm not heading back down that road.  I still have my GameCube version and it's everything-unlocked save file logging my countless hours of mayhem with Link, Nightmare, Taki, Astaroth, and Mitsurugi.

  • no link no buy

  • This was the first Soul Calibur game I ever played and I remember really enjoying it. The map-based story mode (I forget what it's called) is really engrossing and all the collectible weapons give the game a lot of replay value.

    No character creation and no Link is a tough pill to swallow but the game still has a solid roster including Necrid (created by Todd McFarlane exclusivly for SCII) and Assassin (a masked fighter whose style is like a mix of Yunsung and Hwang from SB).

  • I don't see why they don't just contact McFarlane's company and request the license be renewed again,might aid piquing interest back up into the stage of development or where it left off on Spawn The Animation if Spawn appears in SCII it'd be good to see Al again.

  • Very cool, although it's sad Link and Spawn won't appear.

  • lol I love the second paragraph.