Soul Sacrifice is a very good game. It's addicting and has me wanting to keep playing (as I feel while I'm writing this). Having sunk 8 hours in the retail release and 2 hours in the demo before hand, bringing it to 10, I can say I very much enjoy this title. The story is the world has gone to hell, you are a prisoner of a sorcerer named Magusar. After witnessing a fellow prisoner trying to escape, only to be Sacrificed by Magusar. You then find a book next to your cell, whom was with the recently killed prisoner. This is no ordinary book though, it's actually a living entity known as Librom. He is a journal who talks and wants to help take down Magusar. There are no cutscenes aside from the intro, your reading a book, so the scenes are crafted as if your reading it yourself. They have great voice-overs as well. You are then free to enjoy the story of Soul Sacrifice. This is where the gameplay begins.

The mission structure of Soul Sacrifice is in he form of flashbacks, known in-game as "Phantom Quests". By completing these quests, you level up your sorcerer's Life and Magic levels by either Sacrificing or Saving recently killed enemies. This is where some tough decisions come into play whether to Save the creature (Life level) or Sacrifice it (Magic level). When fighting boss creatures, after defeating them they revert to there human form. Saving them will reward with having them as an AI ally, Sacrificing will kill them and depending on who's in your party at the time can result in them leaving.

Throughout the game you'll collect spells known as Offerings, which can be upgraded to be used more in combat. Each spell has certain number of uses, using them to much will result in the spell breaking. But just because a spell breaks, doesn't mean it's lost. During play sessions and going back to Librom outside of the book, will give you tears which can used to fix broken spells and bring allies back from the dead or back after them leaving. You also have game changing spells known as "Black Rites". They can only be used when your health drops to certain amount, and is extremely powerful, but the power comes at a cost. Each Rite has different effects on your stats. The first one unleashes a powerful fire attack, but in return your defense is cut in half. The long grinds can also turn off some players.

After completing each mission, you go a screen displaying scores fro doing special things in game, like beating a quest under a certain amount of time, which will determine your rating and what loot you get.

Know comes one of the flaws with the game, the AI companions. The AI isn't dumb or anything, in fact it's quite smart. It's there reused voice clips at the beginning and during battle. It's not a bad thing, but it gets annoying hearing the same thing 20 times during a mission. Also, some stages are reused too much. I wish there was more levels, but since it's the the IPs first go on the system and talks of a sequel in the works, I can only hope this will be fixed in the next game.

With that I have given you my reasons for my 8.5 score. If you are interested in the game, I recommend you try the demo before buying, since it allows you to transfer your demo save to the main game and gives an idea on what the game is like.