Portable games are of a different sort than that of the console. They have to be deep and fulfilling, while also supporting on the go gameplay. Soul Sacrifice offers both. The game is like many Japanese real time role playing games, it has a limited amount of maps. You will be seeing the same enemies and environments over and over. This is not a bad thing, this is what I expect and enjoy from the genre. Games Like Ragnarok, Monster Hunter, and Phantasy Star, on Sony's Portables have always fulfilled this need for me, and Soul Sacrifice continues the line. 

The Story sets itself up very well, offering first the demo which brought you in. Upon purchasing the full game, your save file is brought over without a hitch and you can continue the story from there. Apart from the main quest which follows a long lost sorcerer, you can embark on side missions. Everything in the game, techniques, arenas, monsters, and archfiends, are paired with a bit of backstory. A "lore" section is provided that has an in depth look at all the stories of this world and why you should care about the decisions to save or sacrifice. This is truly the most original, and best part of the game. 

If fighting large creatures and tons of alluring story and graphics are not enough, then the music seals the deal. It is extremely well done and tastefull, and I find myself just listening to it on the menu and loadout screens. 

Most portable games get 2 points knocked off their score just for being portable. This is unfair. Soul Sacrifice is an extremely fulfilling experience and has all the components needed to fill any jrpg fans belly for a good long time.