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Soul Sacrifice

Watch Some Monsters Get Hunted In Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice, the Monster Hunter-esque action title from Keiji Inafune (the man behind Mega Man) finally has more than a teaser.

The Vita title encourage multiplayer, and will allow you to either sacrifice down partners for huge bonuses, or just revive them to rejoin the battle. Check out the trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show below.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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  • Jealous of Vita owners right now!!!

  • I rather just get a Monster Hunter game.
  • hate monster people

  • interesting monster different

  • Not crazy about the name, but this game looks awesome. Too bad I don't have a Vita...

  • Just one more reason I'm glad to have a 3DS... I get the real deal, with a unique style.. and a better game all around. At least the Vita owners get to have an alright substitute.
  • the creatures are freaky lol idk looks aight i guess

  • Looks creepy. I'll stick with Monster Hunter.

  • Did anyone else simply love that they said "Soul Sacrifice" in the same way as the old Resident Evil games?

  • Finally! I need some beefier titles for my vita!

  • "What will do you to obtain victory?" is Yoda in this game?

    Other than that this game looks freagin sweet.

  • Did anyone notice the book at the beginning of the video was pretty much a straight steal of the Necronomicon from "Army of Darkness"?
  • Monster Hunter and Dark Souls?

    I'm in.

    Now I just need a PSVita...

  • Great trailer. I truly enjoy how the style of the game is presented. If I end up buying a Vita, this will be a must buy for me.

  • I cant wait for this game

  • all the want!

  • Can't wait, my Vita is starving for games like this. A.C. Liberation should be good too.