Sorcery is the reason I bought Move. But by the time it finally arrived on shelves I'd lost interest.

I decided to pick it up anyway and give it a go. The first areas are a bit dull, but I enjoyed most of the dialogue...even though some of the slang and modern lingo seemed out of place. Even embarrassing at times. However, Erline and Flynn are two interesting characters and their story is reason enough to play. 

Sure, the story is often predictable and cliche...but in the same way a fairy tale or classic movie is. I never minded it one minute.

As for the controls, the Move works well, though it will take some getting used to, the wind spell especially took some time for me to figure out. Ever seen an old person trying to figure out the Wii (or anything electronic?) Well that's probably how I looked. But soon I was casting spells and changing things up in ways no other game will allow. The day after beating Sorcery I was just as sore as if I'd exercised for hours...which I actually had. Some of those battles are really intense!


My main complaint is one that so many games are guilty of. The length. I am okay with spending $10-20 to have about six hours of fun, but forty is just too much in my opinion.  It would be different if there was a new game plus or other modes but no. What you see is what you get.


Sorcery is a great title and possibly the best Move only title available. But it's short length and lack of replay hamper it for me.

Still, if you have a Move Controller (and hopefully a navigation can use a regular controller but it's awkward.) then you should give it a go!