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  • Blog Post: A Worthwhile Experience In Spite Of Move

    Sorcery was announced at E3 2010, the year following the PlayStation Move’s unveiling. It was presented as a showpiece for Sony’s motion controller, but it’s taken two years to finally make it to store shelves. Even though the Move controls are front and center, Sorcery’s best... More
  • Blog Post: Sorcery Creators Discuss The Benefits Of The Move In Developer Diary

    Sorcery stayed mostly underground after the announcement of the PlayStation Move, but it will be releasing later this month, and the developers at The Workshop are here to talk about it. The team seems pretty excited about the Move, and how it will change the future of interactive gaming. We will be... More
  • Blog Post: Enter Sorcery's Nightmare World

    Sony's Sorcery is perhaps one of the few bright spots currently for the Move peripheral, and as the game approaches its May 22 release date on PS3 Sony is offering some new details on the title. The trailer below tells of apprentice Finn's journey (along with his talking cat Erline) through the... More
  • Blog Post: We Cast A Spell On Sorcery At CES

    When the master is away the apprentice will play. Unfortunately, in Sony’s upcoming Move title, when the master is away the apprentice accidentally unleashes a dark force across the land. Now this apprentice, named Finn, and his magical cat must stop the Nightmare Queen from covering the Fairy... More
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