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Are you kidding me?

I don't have words to describe this foul review. First off, the music is great; all original tracks while having hints of older songs in them; and while synthesized, It sounds like Sonic Music, Almost as good as the classics! The level design is superb, and while there are springs and such to throw you in the right direction, those times are limited and occur mostly in the beginning levels. If you want to play the whole game co-op, you're in for a nightmare, but that's not how it's supposed to be played! Play a few levels with your friends, have a few laughs, than go back to playing by yourself if you want to get through the story and get the chaos emeralds and such. There are no cheap deaths or hits or anything of the sorts because the game has freaking WARNING SIGNS for death pits! If you get stuck behind the ice spheres, go back a little ways and than they will reset. None of the bosses are terrible, all of them are fun, unique and original! I can not think of a single thing wrong with this game, and in my opinion it has earned the name "Sonic 4." Not to mention the game is just fun. Can you say you're having fun while being killed by akimbo FMG9's in MW3 or being sniped across the map by dart rounds in Battlefield 3? I don't think so. Learn to review properly or find a different job.

  • I think from the very last sentence in your review you express a fundamental misunderstanding of what a review is. Tim may have a very different opinion from you on how good a game is, but that does not make his review bad. Reviews are by nature opinion pieces, which means that personal preferences are a part of the deal. If you read his review again closely, you will see that each of his points is well thought out, well argued, and written with good style. You can disagree with those points, but that doesn't make him a bad reviewer, it makes him a good reviewer with a differing opinion. Maybe instead of being inflammatory and derogatory towards people that work hard, and actually have talent for critical writing and aesthetic analysis (The staff at GameInformer for example), you could write a review with your own opinions on the game. You could tell the people on this site why you believe this game deserves a 9.25, and respectfully express why you disagree with people who would give it a lower score. The fact is, some people really like spinach, and some people hate it. This doesn't make either group of people bad at tasting spinach, it just means they have different aesthetic preferences. For future reference, you may find the wikipedia articles on the words "Fact" "Opinion" and "Aptitude" useful. If you read those pages, I'm sure you will understand why I think Tim's review was actually rather well done, and who knows, your relative value to society might just increase a few points.
  • Tim's review was completely foul.

    And for your review, I approve. Great review!!