First off people need to ease up on Sonic for just a bit... It's not this man-hedgehog's fault that this bi-tailed fox is the world's worst ally in the history of gaming. I mean come on!!!!!! Luigi, Robin, Clank, and Sully from Uncharted are all commendable allies. But this dude "Miles" Tails! Yeah I said "MILES" (Stephen A. Smith voice) the Kwame Brown of video-game sidekicks! I mean dude can't even hold Sonic for more then 5 seconds.. It's just like Sonic 3 in HD, just this time-around Tails is a more of a punk slash weakling. The boss fights were epic, and the stages are cool because you never do them same thing twice in each stage meaning if you were to play it again the path would probably be different, and the HD back-grounds were amazing to look at. The inclusion of Metal Sonic in a Sonic CD form stages with a splash of HD makes for good times. Now I hear people complain about the weak sound track, but what I don't get is why are you complaining when you can pick tracks from your playlist that are saved on your hard drive... Ain't nothing like playing a Sonic game while jamming away to Queen's Radio Gaga!!! Viva Freddie Mercury! and long live Sonic.. Keep cranking out those episodes, because I want to play with Knuckles to climb and glide around.