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Sonic 4: Episode 2 Review *the ignore tim edition*

Tim i feel bad for you son you got 99 problems but common sense isn't one of them. You really suck at reviewing sonic games. I don't even know why GI lets you review the games to this day. News flash just cause you liked him in the 90s doesn't not make you a big fan of him that just means you like a game when it came out. A fan would point out the good and bad while not %@%@%@ about how its not like the genesis era game in every @%@% review you make.

Episode 2 while not the best game is still quite fun.  It was exciting to see metal sonic return though I'm still sad its technically a prequel story before the adventure series.  Yet it was good to see him.  I had hoped he would have been a stellar final boss but he appears a lot the further you get into the game.   the addition of tails was good and he comes in handy when you need to be saved in a split second or to attack certain bosses. While this does make it easy to win some battles its a neat little concept but I did not care for. The physics are a tad better from ep 1 but there are still times sonic will go flying much further than you intended for him to in the game.

The music is pretty good as usual sega does a pretty job in ep2 one thing that bugged me was they used the same boss theme from ep 1 for most all the bosses. Though its still a good beat i wish they added something new. Though they do use a few new tones that sound good for the battle at hand such as

Online i do not really care for in the 2d games it just seems out of place but if it where the 3d games i could see it being a little better as the 3d say SA2 choa battles would be neat to see my little dragon choa kick some @@%@ while speaking that choa baby mess and me saying ah i see.

Its a nice game to have on you xblg collection or your psng collection to play sometimes. Sure its not a game you'll probably want to play a million times but its good for what it offered.So at least try the demo.  Its pretty fun.

The final boss is also a thrill *ignore video is you dont want spoilers* but hes a pretty fun boss battle

This is the boss tim #@%@% about yea tim hate to say it but you just suck at the newer games if we gamers can can ace this guy as easy as this guy did

  • I'm sorry, but this review is a horrible mess. You might not agree with Tim's review but at least all of his criticism is constructive. He backs up all of his points and his review is fair. This game is no better than Episode 1 and they promised that it would solve all the issues with that game. The music in this game truly sucks beyond all recognition, seriously some of the worst I've ever heard. You said: A fan would point out the good and bad while not %@%@%@ about how its not like the genesis era game in every @%@% review you make. He says about how it's not like the Genesis games because it's SONIC 4. it's supposed to be like the genesis games! It's supposed to pay tribute to Sonic's original adventures, not wreck the memory of them. I'm sorry to be harsh but the whole crux of your review seems to be attacking Tim's review and using Sonic fanboy platitudes. Also, if you'd like your 'ignore tim edition' review to be taken seriously, you could try learning to use proper spelling and grammar. Just saying.
  • You shouldn't be allowed to communicate.
  • What are you saying at the very beginning of this?? Did you bring Tim's family into your review for a Sonic game?? Not cool man, not cool...
  • Sonic fanboys: when they can't argue the merit of the review, they just claim the reviewer is not a true fan and personally attack them.
  • Staff
    Thanks for reading my review. It's always nice to hear a reader's opinion on the game!
  • "Tim i feel bad for you son you got 99 problems but common sense isn't one of them".

    Dude. You completely butchered it. It should be: "...99 problems but common sense ain't one". At LEAST get that part of it right. Besides, saying that common sense isn't a problem for him is a good thing.

    Also, keep in mind Tim's review isn't the only review out there. So if you don't like his opinion on the series, it's as simple as ignoring him. You don't always have to go and attack him. Have some decency.
  • I don't know anymore whenever I see Tim review a sonic game it goes from a pretty agreeable review to a whine-fest filled with rants that just make it seem like he's out on a mission to bash sonic as a series when its just one game.
  • You sir are an idiot.
  • Once again an angry Game Informer subscriber gets his/her panties in a wad over a review.
  • HEY LOOK AT THAT! You QQing again :D...Thank God I threw up earlier because if I hadn't then, I would have now after reading this steaming pile of ***.
  • I totally agree on this review Meta, but I would definetly give this game a 10. I hope you're surviving the hate comments you're getting. You looking at a true Sonic fan, right here!!
  • Lol your jay-z 99 problems made no sense? Obviously Common sense would be one of his problems based on what your saying. SmH
  • Look at your score, then look at everyone else's. which one is the odd man out? oh yeah, the raving fanboy.