Tim i feel bad for you son you got 99 problems but common sense isn't one of them. You really suck at reviewing sonic games. I don't even know why GI lets you review the games to this day. News flash just cause you liked him in the 90s doesn't not make you a big fan of him that just means you like a game when it came out. A fan would point out the good and bad while not %@%@%@ about how its not like the genesis era game in every @%@% review you make.

Episode 2 while not the best game is still quite fun.  It was exciting to see metal sonic return though I'm still sad its technically a prequel story before the adventure series.  Yet it was good to see him.  I had hoped he would have been a stellar final boss but he appears a lot the further you get into the game.   the addition of tails was good and he comes in handy when you need to be saved in a split second or to attack certain bosses. While this does make it easy to win some battles its a neat little concept but I did not care for. The physics are a tad better from ep 1 but there are still times sonic will go flying much further than you intended for him to in the game.

The music is pretty good as usual sega does a pretty job in ep2 one thing that bugged me was they used the same boss theme from ep 1 for most all the bosses. Though its still a good beat i wish they added something new. Though they do use a few new tones that sound good for the battle at hand such as

Online i do not really care for in the 2d games it just seems out of place but if it where the 3d games i could see it being a little better as the 3d say SA2 choa battles would be neat to see my little dragon choa kick some @@%@ while speaking that choa baby mess and me saying ah i see.

Its a nice game to have on you xblg collection or your psng collection to play sometimes. Sure its not a game you'll probably want to play a million times but its good for what it offered.So at least try the demo.  Its pretty fun.

The final boss is also a thrill *ignore video is you dont want spoilers* but hes a pretty fun boss battle

This is the boss tim #@%@% about yea tim hate to say it but you just suck at the newer games if we gamers can can ace this guy as easy as this guy did