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Time Eater *MMM*

Sonic Generations

Time Eater *MMM*

He is not that bad. first things first. Stay modern sonic. He has the easiest time for this boss unless your going for the no hit run* But always stay to the center or top of screen as his fist attack always stricks center or low.  Simply fly at him till you get close and charge classic sonic the entire time.  Once you draw close enough you will hit him. *warning the moment you get close he will attck you you must fly up to dodge than hit him. You must continue this 3 times while his attacks come at you. dont worry they are the easiest in the game to dodge. Around the 3 hit he will start to slow down time. Just keep flying at him and soon enough youll come to the final attack prompt on the final hit.  Hit both shoulder buttons and youll finish him in no time. I will link a vid soon.