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shadow is here!

Sonic Generations

shadow is here!

hey fans of sonic i found spoilers yes spoilers! with some pictures of sonic generations there was new ones i found on you tube the first picture is the boss fight with shadowsonic generations

heres another picture the egg dragon will be the giant robot form sonic 2 and 4 (go to youtube for details) and i found modern sonic going to a mirror and he see's the classic version of himself a cutscene picture and planet wisp
(again its at youtube) and heres my thinking so far shadow might be an unlockable cause he had red orange redish wind blowing on his head (y'know like from sonic unleashed sonic had that move first) it would be cool man,it would be cool. i'll let you all know if any more news on sonic generations rises agian.


the ARK might be the seceret stage from sonic adventure 2 battle and shadow the hedgehog.


don,t forget that shadow was found at the full stage list.