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  • Blog Post: A Suffering Hedgehog’s Life Flashes Before His Eyes

    Sonic Generations aims to bridge the gap between old and new fans by revisiting stages throughout the series with both 2D and 3D gameplay. The result is a timeline that starts out strong and slowly deteriorates, serving as an apt history lesson for the struggling series. The quest begins with side-scrolling... More
  • Blog Post: Robotnik Returns In New Sonic Generations Trailer

    I hope that title isn't misleading, because I'm going to go ahead and assume that Sega refers to Robotnik as "Eggman" in Sonic Generations. However, the dude's name is Dr. Robotnik, and that's the guy I see in this new boss-centric trailer for the upcoming title. In addition... More
  • Blog Post: Video Presents Sonic's Dreamcast Era In HD

    Sega has sent along a trailer showing off three levels from Sonic's Dreamcast adventures as they appear in the upcoming Sonic Generations. But who is this mysterious black hedgehog who appears at the end? Could Sonic have some kind of evil hedgehog rival? The suspense is killing me. In lieu of further... More
  • Blog Post: See Separate Sonics Speeding

    The latest Sonic Generations trailer shows off quick glimpses of some of the newly updated classic Sonic levels in both their 2D and 3D iterations. You also get to see Sonic continue his tradition of outrunning giant ocean creatures as he barely escapes the mouth of a giant robot fish. Sonic Generations... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic Versus…Someone

    I watched a demo of Sonic Generations today, where Sega showed off the game’s dual personalities. Players will bounce between two versions of Sonic, classic and modern, and he’ll race through levels tailored for the era from which he’s from. The odd thing was that the person giving... More
  • Blog Post: New Zones Revealed In Sonic Generations Trailer & Screens

    Sega is taking Sonic fans on another spin through the remixed world of Sonic Generations at Gamescom 2011. This latest batch of screens and a trailer reveals new levels for the 3DS and PS3/360 versions. Sonic & Tails will be dashing through classic and modern iterations of Seaside Hills from Sonic... More
  • Blog Post: See Sonic's Classic Chemical Plant Zone From Two Perspectives

    The Chemical Plant zone (not pictured) is probably one of the most instantly recognizable stages from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Now you can see just how Sega is reimagining this classic in a new video alongside the City Escape zone (pictured). Sonic Generations will include both 2D and 3D renditions... More
  • Blog Post: A Classic Dreamcast Level Remade In 2D & 3D

    Last week at E3 2011 I was treated to a behind-closed-doors look at a new stage in Sonic Generations, Sega’s 2D/3D hybrid of classic and modern Sonic games. This revamped level has Sonic tearing through the City Escape level of Sonic Adventure 2. Sega is converting the stage into a side-scrolling... More
  • Blog Post: Two Sonics Tackle One Mission In Sonic Generations

    See some of the game in action in the newest trailer for Sega's upcoming title. Some people like 2D Sonic. Others like him running around in 3D. Sega's solution? Make a game that has both. Watch the new trailer for the game, and see how Sonic Generations will integrate both types of gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic Generations Is Like Two Games In One

    Even if you've already read my hands-on impressions of Sonic Generations, you're probably still wondering how gorgeous the game looks in actions. Sega has released this vivid trailer showcasing both the 2D and 3D gameplay styles, along with the two versions of Sonic which represent them. I'm... More
  • Blog Post: Bridging A 20-Year Generation Gap With Two Gameplay Styles

    Sega has been in an awkward spot with the Sonic series for years. Three-dimensional titles like Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic Unleashed perform well on store shelves, but are lambasted by critics. While the new post-Sonic Adventure titles have found a wide audience with younger gamers, longtime... More
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