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Robotnik Returns In New Sonic Generations Trailer

I hope that title isn't misleading, because I'm going to go ahead and assume that Sega refers to Robotnik as "Eggman" in Sonic Generations. However, the dude's name is Dr. Robotnik, and that's the guy I see in this new boss-centric trailer for the upcoming title.

In addition to the rotund doctor, you'll also catch glimpses of Metal Sonic, that crazy water boss from Sonic Adventure, and what appears to be a new menace in the form of a demonic purple cloud. I'm sure it'll all make perfect sense when the game releases on November 1st.

  • Nope...

  • They gotta go back to Robotnik.
  • Oh Sonic...

  • im mostly happy tht its gonna have perfect chaos and final chase/rush from sonic adventure 2

  • I prefer to call him "That coward in the Egg-shaped however-craft"
  • 1. YES. His name is ROBOTNIK. Thank you.
    2. Man, every freaking time. I let myself get all excited for a new Sonic game, and then I see a trailer like this that makes me think something like, "Oh. Shadow and that stupid white hedgehog (whose name I won't bother to remember) are in it. Guess I won't be playing."
  • uncharted...or this?
  • Hey uh yeah bosses are cool and all but the biggest reveal... TAILS!!! And even if he isn't playable he is at least a story character, which is by far his best role... SARCASM!!!
  • I'm sure all of the bosses can be defeated by jumping on their heads...But what if they don't have a head!?!? The only people that call him "Eggman" are jerks.

  • Shadow and Silver look cool. Perfect Chaos looks awesome. And Time Eater (whatever the hell he is) looks pretty *** cool too. Now here is to hoping for the fights to actually be fun.

  • Eh, I still think this will turn out good.

  • Will this game have choa's?
  • Sonic had so much potential! What happened -.-
  • I think i might eventually get this game for the 2D levels.....but not till summer of next year during the summer drought probably

  • Reiner has confirmed three avatar reward items for this game and all three use the name Eggman. They are definitely going with Eggman.
  • "Beat legendary rivals.

    Me: Soooo...where is he?

  • oh mr...eggy.

  • Mod
    No loser. Hes called eggman by him and all his friends. you guys at GI know noting about sonic. God get it right. EGGGGGGGMAN. Heck ill give you the link to the song. I am the god freaking eggman.
  • I know Sonic is a chump nowadays, but I'm gonna keep giving him chances until he stars in a grocery shopping sim. That'll be the straw that breaks the hedgehog's back.
  • Eggman is the stupidest name ever. I just can't take him seriously with a name like that. But the name Robotnik strikes fear to my heart.
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