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Sonic Generations

New Zones Revealed In Sonic Generations Trailer & Screens

Sega is taking Sonic fans on another spin through the remixed world of Sonic Generations at Gamescom 2011. This latest batch of screens and a trailer reveals new levels for the 3DS and PS3/360 versions.

Sonic & Tails will be dashing through classic and modern iterations of Seaside Hills from Sonic Heroes and Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed in the console version of the game. These two new stages are found in the rumored full stage list for the game, lending further evidence that it may be the real deal. The 3DS version will also mark the return of Sonic & Knuckles’ inaugural stage, Mushroom Hill Zone.

The trailer below is just for the console versions, but there are some 3DS screens hiding in the media gallery.

Sonic Generations hits 360, PS3, 3DS on November 1, which is also my birthday. Is this fate?

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  • LOL! I love how Tails only gets like 2 seconds of air time. No love for Tails. On a side note, the game looks very flashy. Nice one, Sega.
  • The images look clean and nice but I'll have to wait for a full review.
  • To me it's always Emerald Hill Zone!

  • that looks awesome, and if i was to buy a 3DS i would get the game for ir too but im gonna get the vita and the PS3 version

  • Fool me once, shame on me, fool me 14 times over the course of several console generations, and then you're just starting to tick me off.
  • there's literally no difference between the two sonics other than the eyes. what a great feature, sega! maybe we can play on hover-skateboards and build a garden for our puffy pets. grow up sega, and send us a sonic FPS, already. hahahaha
  • YAY! Two of my favorite sonic stages, seaside hill and city escape, are already here! Good one sega!

  • I played the demo on my 360 and it was pretty amazing how good it looks and plays.  The only issue I had with the demo was, was that I had a hard time focusing on Sonic because of everything else going on lol.

    Cant wait for this one, looks like the other parts of the game will be as good as what you plaed in the demo.

  • still no chao garden? *cries*
  • two tails!
  • looks great

  • Oh man, November is not kind this year
  • Lets hope this game brings back the glory that Sonic had

  • OMG I SAW TAILS TAILS!!!!!! Tails > Sonic, as far as im concerned
  • that spin dash slide was kinda awesome

  • This is going to be awesome. First, FINALLY! Another good 3DS game, the only one next to Super Street Fighter. Second, the 2D stages look better than ever, and the 3D stages look amazing. It looked like there was going to be a boss fight in one of the pictures, but I could be wrong, and it will feel nice to fight a boss as 2D sonic, which I haven't done in a while. Unless if Sega really messes this game up, I'm getting it!

  • cool. I just wish it was coming to the Wii so I could play the console version =(
  • Pre-ordered the 3DS version, and I'm thinking about the PS3 version as well.
  • Possibly my second 3DS game... if it makes the series worth playing again.

  • Oh yeah I Love KNUCKLES!

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