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Sonic Generations

Two Sonics Tackle One Mission In Sonic Generations

See some of the game in action in the newest trailer for Sega's upcoming title.

Some people like 2D Sonic. Others like him running around in 3D. Sega's solution? Make a game that has both.

Watch the new trailer for the game, and see how Sonic Generations will integrate both types of gameplay, including several never-before-seen areas.

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  • wait, there are people that prefer modern sonic to classic sonic? doesn't matter, this game looks solid.
  • This is city escape from Sonic Adventure 2, is it not?
  • If there is a chao garden I will buy it just for that.
  • It's about time they try to make a decent sonic game!

  • *** the new Sonic! Classic Sonic FTW!

  • Past Sonic FTW!!!
  • Getting this hands down.

  • Oh Billy!

  • OMG!!! the classic Sonic even does that thing where he goes off a ramp he's still running in midair! *squeal*

  • So are they travelling through time or what?
    Besides that this looks decent.

    Both moder and classic look fantastic.
    Now just for saying that I bet some uptight old school fans will flame me no?
  • Was that classic Sonic on a snowboard briefly? Kinda makes me concerned a bit. Then again, it worked in Ice Cap. I'm pretty excited for this game, but I hope modern Sonic doesn't bring it down too much.
  • This looks kinda fun.

  • i think we have a winner with this one finally a good looking sonic game

  • Wow, this looks to combine the greatness of the Genesis Sonic games and the fun of Sonic Unleashed (Day mode people). Meaning that this is a must-buy for any Sonic fan. Hopefully the final product lives up to the hype!

  • Did anyone else notice Chaos' green eye on the billboards? On a side note, the game looks good.
  • The truck chasing thing was cool. This game is a must have

  • Mod

    I'm really excited for this game.

    The more and more I see on it the more solid it becomes.

  • Is Sonic finally getting the comeback title he deserves?

  • This looks so good! The downhill board brings back memories from SA2

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