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  • Blog Post: Getiing Wiser

    Sega had a firm grip on how Sonic was to be played in 3D back in the day, but that grip was released year after year. Now it seems to be a little more tighter and this game actually is quite fun. The graphics are pretty cool to look at. Old school stages turned 3D for new Sonic with remixed music. The... More
  • Blog Post: Generations Of Crappy Games FINALLY Pays Off!! (Kind Of)

    I Haven't Done A Review In A While , So I Picked Up This Game! Here We Go! GRAPHICS: The Best Graphics I've Seen (STILL, Not As Good As Sonic Colors!) PLAYBILITY; Here's Where I Get Negative About The Game , The Pits You Will Play Are Just TOO HARD! I Wonder Sometimes If SEGA Can REALLY Make... More
  • Blog Post: Not as bad as some may think.

    I will get straight to the point .I actually really enjoyed this game very much and the only time I actually felt frustrated was when attempting to beat the last 2 bosses.With that said what games dont need a little frustrated and strain to beat and actually accomplish something.It not only felt cool... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic Generations 3DS

    Finally, the platformer that I have been waiting for all year. Sonic Generations is the first Sonic game on the 3DS, its pretty much perfect for it too. Dimps has developed some really good Sonic games for the DS in the past but I think they just made their best game yet. As we all know there is a Classicstage... More
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