Sonic Generations review  for the Ps3/ Xbox 360

One of the biggest debates between Sonic fans is which sonic is better classic Sonic or modern sonic.  Classic sonic has taken more of a back seat to modern Sonic at least since 1998 when Sonic adventure came out for the dreamcast in 1998. Some sonic fan boys even go as far as asking Sega to bring classic Sonic back. Well the Sonic team and Sega decided to answer the cries and complaints of classic Sonic fan boys with Sonic generations.



        I feel obligated to admit that it feels great to have Classic Sonic back especially since the first Sonic game I ever played was Sonic the hedgehog 2. That was the game when tails first appeared as Sonics partner. I would use sonic my brother would use tails and we would have hours of classic sonic fun. Sure we weren't able to pass the chemical plant until we were older but we had a lot of fun playing. Eventually beat the game we even got supersonic too not that we needed him he was just really fun to play as and if you beat the game with Super Sonic you get a special ending. I love Classic Sonic because of the nostalgia rush I feel when I play as the cute little guy plus Classic Sonic had some fun gams. Modern Sonic is awesome because he is fast and when he has a decent voice actor and the dialogue is good its nice to hear some of his jokes.

                                             Plot Summary

The Time eater interrupts Sonic's birthday party and whisks all of  Sonic's friends through time and space placing them in this weird empty void. When Sonic races through a level he restores the color and life due to his super speed counteracting time eaters abilities. Race through act 1 as Classic Sonic and then act 2 as modern Sonic in order to restore a level. Eventually Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic meet so they team up also Modern and Classic Tails meet up. You can also collect chaos emeralds by doing boss battles and rival battles which is what you have to do in order to face the last boss. Many stages from the previous Sonic games appear such as Green Hill zone from Sonic the hedgehog 1 and Crisis City from the infamous game that almost ruined the Sonic gaming franchise otherwise known as 06. I always get Green Hill Zone and Emerald Hill Zone confused so it's a good thing I looked it up before I made a mistake. The last boss is surprise surprise Eggman. Eggman went back in time to team up with Dr.Robotnik/ his younger self in order to gain full mastery of the time master because he needed someone as smart as he is and the only person that smart is himself. Sonic's friends come and well they do absolutely nothing not even Shadow lends Sonic a hand. The two Sonics both defeat both Eggman ( Is that even an acceptable word) so time and space is restored. Classic Sonic then has to return to his own time which is the most emotional part of the game in my opinion. Seriously I felt like I was going to cry when Classic Sonic and Classic Tails left laugh at me if you want but I felt like I was saying goodbye to my childhood.


Classic Sonic gameplay is more focused on plat forming than Modern Sonic gameplay. Classic Sonic does not have the boost, homing attack, quick step or drift. However Classic Sonic has his traditional spin dash that you can charge up in order to blast through the levels. When you play a Classic Sonic level you feel as if you have traveled back to the good old Sega Genesis days which is a good feeling the gameplay for Classic Sonic truly is as good as it was in the old days. The classic goal posts are even at the end of every level what more could you want from Classic Sonic gameplay.

Modern Sonic gameplay is much faster than Classic Sonic gameplay. Using the boost at the appropriate times will allow you to complete the level much faster. The faster you beat the level the higher your score. Playing as Modern Sonic really makes you feel like a hedgehog with the ability to move at the speed of sound. In the later Modern Sonic levels there are even areas where Sonic can use the light dash. The overall best addition to the gameplay is the ability to turn supersonic in any level once you collect all 7 chaos emeralds this makes you want to replay the levels as super Sonic which gives generations a high level or replay value which is really important for a shorter game to have especially one without an exciting multiplayer mode. As a matter of fact there is no multiplayer mode in this game. Basically fans of classic Sonic will be pleased with Classic Sonic gameplay and fans of modern sonic will be pleased with modern sonic gameplay.


The soundtrack in generations is amazing. The game has a lot of the older Sonic sound tracks. Like city escape from Sonic adventure battle 2 and a remixed stardust speedway soundtrack from Sonic Cd. The best part is that before you pick a level you can change the level bg to any bgm you have in the game. You can also play music you have downloaded on your console.

Final Verdict

Sonic generations is an amazing game and in my opinion the best 3d sonic game made since Sonic adventure battle 2. After the horrendous game Sonic 06 it looked like the Sonic franchise was going to die out forever. A lot of the 3d sonic games after 06 weren't that bad but just weren't amazing. Sonic colors is the best one after Generations followed by unleashed. Sonic Generations gets a 9/10. This is a really good Sonic game best in years since the horrible 06 which is why this game deserves praise. I was tempted to give this game a 10 out of 10 but that would have been slightly biased. As one of this games few faults is that it has low replay value. You can replay the levels again but there really isn't much to do. Also some of the extra levels are extremely tedious.  


Gotta love Classic Sonic!



My favorite Rival Battle Classic Sonic vs Metal Sonic


I wish The doomsday zone from Sonic 3 was in the game that would have been awesome. Hyper Sonic would have been cool too except


Also check out This awesome hd remake video of The Doomsday Zone.