Im not gonna lie Im a sonic fan and I have'nt played a sonic game since sonic heroes but when i picked up sonic generations i did'nt know what to expect and after finishing it I gotta say its pretty good game. The story is pretty straight forward, classic sonic and modern sonic meet each other due to a mysterious time traveling monster that captures modern sonic's friends and he and classic sonic have to save them and find a way to get back to their own time. Both sonics play very differently, classic sonic plays like he would in the old sonic games, classic speed and platforming while modern sonic plays to his version. you play two different versions of one world which feels like what if these classic levels were made today or if the new sonic worlds were made in the classic format. The whole hub world feels very much like a timeline starting from sonic the hadgehog's green hill zone and ending with sonic colors' planet wisp.  Everything you get in the game is steeped in sonic lore like getting the classic sega genesis controller to play sonic the hedgehog and playing classic tunes and seeing artwork for the game as well as old concept of art of what sonic wouldve looked like. Thats all the good stuff now on to the bad stuff its too short in my book of all games and memorable worlds in the franchise you really only get a few of those levels and I was really hoping that there would be more fan service to this game but lack of fan service aside it is an okay game to check out especially if your a sonic fan