Finally, the platformer that I have been waiting for all year. Sonic Generations is the first Sonic game on the 3DS, its pretty much perfect for it too. Dimps has developed some really good Sonic games for the DS in the past but I think they just made their best game yet. As we all know there is a Classicstage and a Modern stage, great. In this it feel more like that classic feeling just with modern platforming.  They have made better cutscenes by instead od usend 2D figures as the characters they use full 3D characters that use actual motion when moving. The levels and bosses are diffirent. Instead of Chemical Plant, Sky Sanctuary, City Escape, Destroyed City, Rooftop Run, and Planet Wisp they have Mushroom Hill, Casino Zone, Emerald Coast, Water Palace(From Sonic Rush), and Tropical Resort. The level designs are great. The graghics are much better than last year's Sonic Colors for DS. The sound is great with nice tunes. The thing I like about this game are the special stages. There fun and fair because its like a race. You have 1 minute 30 seconds on the clock as you collect colorful orbs to gain boost power to soar through the level. The rival and boss battles are fun. The rivals are the same but instaed of defeating them you race them. Now, the bosses are diffirent bosses from the PS3/XBOX 360 bosses. But they are still fun and exciting too. The thing that brings the rating down are the level construction. Lets say your running at your fastest speed through a cool corkscrew and then bam theres an enemy or a never ending drop that you didn't even notice. Also the game is so short. If you thought that the 360 or the PS3 version was short than your in for a suprise. The one thing that kind of ticked me of is how Classic Sonic learns the homing attack. It just takes away whats cool about Modern Sonic. The game still has the challenges, art/music collection, and a new player card that asks you your favorite game from the entire series, how long you've been a fan, and your favorite character. This is a great platformer for everybody. When the two Sonics part thir ways Modern Sonic say " Hey Sonic, enjoy your future! Its gonna be great! " Maybe he was right after all.