Sonic Generations is an amazing new step in the hegdehogs life. Generations consists of two ways to play. There is Classic, side scrolling Sonic and Modern, 3D boosting Sonic. The game has 9 levels 3 in an era. Genisis era, Dreamcast era, and Modern era. There are three Boss Battles, 3 Rival battles, and a Final Boss. The first part of the game brings back warm memorys of the past dashing through levels and great platforming. The second part is the newer Sonic gameplay, just like Sonic Colors. You blast through levels at high speed, destroying enemies with the homing attack, and drifting through U turns. So, sumarising this, each level has these two parts. The graghics start to finish are outstanding with bright colors and scenery. The sound is awesome with great remixes of past and present songs. In each era there is a rival battle. They are very thourough, fun, and well planned. In each you unlock a chaos emerald. The bosses pretty good. They're well planned but short. The longest one is the Egg Dragoon, and I think its the best one too. The problem is that there is one for both Sonics. What I mean is that the first one is only Classic and the other two are Modern. After collecting all the emeralds you go to face the final boss to beat story mode. After this there are a total of 90 challenges to complete, each with a song or picture. The challenges are fun... well most of them. Some of the friend challenges are really tie wasteing and stupid. All the others are pretty nice. Then you have the cool collection of art, characters, songs, and movies. The problem with this game are that in the Modern stages there are some clunkey controls, when you boost in some stages youre pushed against the wall while turning. Some boss battles being to short make it less apealing. Also some bad challenges. All in all this game is awesome. SEGA has finally stepped in the right direction after the past couple years. I can't wait to see whats in store for us for years to come.