Sonic Generations was an interesting idea. It was cool to see classic Sonic once again in modern day. I don't play many Sonic games nowadays, but once I heard City Escape (favotite childhood Sonic level) was going to be in this game, I had to get it. Now that I've played it I can tell you what I think.

Each portion of the Sonic Timeline, Classic Era, Dreamcast Era, and Modern Era, is put into three levels. Each level can last you as low as 2-3 minutes, or as long to 5-7 minutes. You will have to play each level twice, once as modern sonic, and once as Classic Sonic, but they aren't really the same level, but the same area. With Modern Sonic you will play in 3-D and in some cases, 2-D, while calssic Sonic gets his own version of the level, and its all in 2-D. Once you beat both versions of the level, you will get a cutscene, and then carry off to your next area/level. Once you beat all versions of the levels in one era, you will then be allowed to do special missions.

These special missions can be fun, wheather it's racing a clone sonic, or using one of Sonic's friends to help you in the level's mission. Some missions, however, can be frustrating, which can be a race level or teaming up with one of sonic's friends. My favorite missions are the Rival Fights. In SG there are 3 of them, Classic Sonic vs Metal Sonic, Modern Sonic vs Shadow, and Modern Sonic vs Silver. My favorite was the Silver Rival Fight, mostly because it wasnt too long, or too short, nor was it hard or easy. The Metal Sonic Rival Fight lasted for 1 minute, and was way too easy, while the Shadow fight lasted atleast 12 minutes for me ( it may of just been me having trouble, BUT I DIDN'T DIE ONCE). Everytime you beat a rival, you get a chaos emerald.

The final part I want to review are the boss fights. There are 4 in game, my personal favorite being Perfect Chaos, for the same reasons as the Silver Rival Fight. The first one is too short, Perfect Chaos was enjoyable, and whatever the Modern Era boss was called seemed a bit too long, but not as long as the Shadow Rival fight.

(SPOILER ALERT) Now for the final boss, Time Eater. (DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT TIME EATER IS AND HOW THE FINAL STORY GOES) Time Eater was more of a pain than fun. First you need the 7 Chaos Emeralds, but thats not the hard part, since you get one everytime you beat a rival and a boss, and one in a cutscene. Time Eater has been showing up in past cutscences, flying past the Sonic's, and kidnapped classic Dr.Robotnik. Once you get to him, it turns out Time Eater was made by Dr.Eggman, with help from Robotnik, thats why he kidnapped him. The Sonics try to attack him, but get throw back, and almost killed. Now what happens is one of the most cheesy cutscenes I've seen in a while. All his rivals and friends come and encourage him saying "You can do it Sonic!" or "You got this Sonic" or "I believe in you Sonic!". You wouldn't think about this for more than a second, but then the level starts.

Apparently, Classic Tails and Modern Tails had an evil scheme to give you a transmitter, so you can hear them and Sonic's friends. They say NOTHING USEFUL. Sure they say "Press Y to switch views, Sonic!" or "Tap the L and R buttons to combine powers!". That might be useful IF IT DIDNT SAY WHAT TO PRESS ON THE SCREEN. Most of the time, howeve, you'll be hearing "You can do it Sonic!" or "I believe in you Sonic!", or my favorite "Don't get hurt Mr.Sonic!" WHILE YOUR FIGHTING THE BOSS. This is annoying because THEY NEVER STOP. THEY KEEP REPEATING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER, ALWAYS SAYING "SOMETHING SOMETHING SONIC!". I can understand some encouragement, but IT NEVER STOPS AND THEY ALWAYS SAY SONIC'S NAME.

Now to the gameplay of the boss. The first couple parts are okay, just boosting towards the boss and dodging some attacks. But the your main enemy here isn't the boss, but the rings. As always, to stay as Super Sonic you need rings. Since you're in space, you need rings or you'll die, which wouldn't be a problem, but you're going so fast you can't see the rings before its too late, which is the only reason i would press Y to go into 2-D, because i thought i had better luck getting rings in 2-D, which by the way, was the only useful thing I could find going into 2-D for, infact it seemed the boss would get farther away when you went in and out of 2-D, but when i finally got to the final part of the boss, he woudl throw some small sun type fire orbs at you. This is when your 'friends' say "Press L and R to combine powers". When i heard this, i thought they meant to repeatedly tap L and R, but it would do nothing, which got annoying because it would put be farther from the boss, and Eggman had no line except for "Burn! Burn to ashes!" when he relased this attack. Turns out I was supposed to hold L and R, but I thought  that they wanted me to keep tapping it. They should've said "Press and HOLD the L and R buttons to combine powers!".

Anyways, the main game will last you about 4-6 hours. And if you REALLY care about completing all missions, it may last you 5-9 hours. In my opinion, this is not worth anywhere NEAR $50. Wait for a price drop to $30. I personally wish we saw more classic versions or characters, like Knuckles, and Amy. And more of Robotnik, really I didn't even know that Robotnik was in until the final boss, I just thought it was modern eggman the whole time. My favorite level was Modern City Escape, but that's probably a biased towards it, since its one of my favorite sonic levels, and my least favorite being the Wisp Planet, classic and modern versions. I was also surprised to see that I enjoyed Modern Sonic levels more than classic levels. Anyways, get it if you're a sonic fan, if not skip it.