In 1991 one of gaming's greatest mascots were born, Sonic the hedgehog. Ten years passed, and he was still going strong. Sonic Heroes was a small slope, and Shadow the hedgehog was the game that screwed the series. Sonic's fifteenth anniversery was a mess, and things weren't looking up. 2008 was a sign of progress, but 2009 is the year of rebirth with Sonic Colors and Sonic 4. Has the trend continued? Yes, yes it has.

  From what I understand, a mysterious enemy sucks away Sonic's friends on his... Sixteenth birthday? Whatever, It turns out that Sonic and his friends have been thrown across time, and with help from his past self, Sonic must save his friends and find out just what is going on. Taking advice from Sonic Colors, the plot is very simple *Looks at Sonic '06* and works very well.

  Classic Sonic's gameplay is the closest we shall get to the Genesis days without playing those games. Take it or leave it purists. Modern Sonic runs on an improved version of Sonic Unleashed's engine, and has more Sonic Adventure-esqe (Not a word) stages with for the first time since Heroes, 3D platforming! while it may seem sloppy at first it's easy to get used to.

  At first when I heard of the hub world I was worried, but my fear disappeared when I found out it was a simple 2D hub world. The bosses, while short in number, are quite the sight to behold, from all of Sonic's Rivals (Knuckles? Where are you?) to ome of the series most notable bosses. The only thing I really can hate here are just nitpicks, Why the Sonic 2 robot (again)? Why is Shadow's battle so... long? I don't truly mind for the most part.

The graphics are beautiful, from the breathtaking green hill, to the colors of planet wisp. The music, is just uttely fantastic, its a great soundtrack. Also the Colors voice cast did a fantastic job, but Amy sound WORSE now, I thought that was impossible to do...

My true gripe is the final boss, one of the best aspects of a Sonic game, was messy and confusing. Also, why can't modern Sonic do the spindash? Never mind...

In the end, Sonic Generations is that piece of birthday cake for the Blue Blur that I just keep playing again and again. It's not just birthday cake, it's Ice Cream cake, but It goes away quickly, cheerish it while you can!

Great Sound, Great visuals, and Great playability. In the end, Great game, 9.25/10.