Sonic Generations is something that the franchise has needed for quite some time. Pulling a level from every one of the main games in the franchise and including all of Sonic's friends, this game creates the ultimate nostalgia for Sonic the Hedgehog fans. The game controls differently for both Sonics, with Classic Sonic levels feeling like it was pulled right out of the Sega games and Modern Sonic levels feeling like it was pulled straight out of Sonic Adventure. Right from the start of the game, you have to play each level at least twice, once as Classic Sonic and then again as Modern Sonic, which allows you to fully experience the difference over the years. Seeing Green Hill Zone in both ways is an amazing experience and the same can be said about City Escape, both put each Sonic in the polar opposite situation while playing through the levels. Some complaints that can be said are the amount of gameplay in the main story, as well as the difficulty setting and replayability. Overall, the story can last you at least 10 hours, which isn't bad for a Sonic game, but the replayability factor comes from playing the levels and getting a better rating or playing the Challenges, which are sections of the levels with a specific goal in mind. The game also offers time trials as well as 30 Second Trials which allows you to challenge the leaderboards, but doesn't truly extend the game by much more. The difficulty of the game varies from level to level with most of the levels being extremely easy and smooth for avid Sonic the Hedgehog fans until the final section of the game where the difficulty jumps to a new standard for each Sonic. The final boss fight is also something else on the difficulty standard with nothing being truly explained on what to do, but still fun none the less. Overall, this game is a must play for anyone who has enjoyed Sonic at any point in their life, the game allows for some good times,and great laughs, and even explains some things about what has gone on over the years, like a certain name change... But I digress, at the very least, rent it.