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  • Blog Post: Sonic Generations Review: Dimps’ Reliable Quality Skips A Generation

    Sonic Colors hit the 3DS and Wii last November. Including those two games, I’ve sped through various iterations of Sonic Colors levels six times thanks to Sonic Generations. While retreading ground is the point of this tribute to 25 years of Sonic, it makes me think Sega is running out of ideas... More
  • Blog Post: Video Presents Sonic's Dreamcast Era In HD

    Sega has sent along a trailer showing off three levels from Sonic's Dreamcast adventures as they appear in the upcoming Sonic Generations. But who is this mysterious black hedgehog who appears at the end? Could Sonic have some kind of evil hedgehog rival? The suspense is killing me. In lieu of further... More
  • Blog Post: New Zones Revealed In Sonic Generations Trailer & Screens

    Sega is taking Sonic fans on another spin through the remixed world of Sonic Generations at Gamescom 2011. This latest batch of screens and a trailer reveals new levels for the 3DS and PS3/360 versions. Sonic & Tails will be dashing through classic and modern iterations of Seaside Hills from Sonic... More
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