The game developers have worked around the clock its a quarter till 3am the CEO of Sega is awaiting outside in the lounge for the expected grim news, But the lead designer appears out of the room and with a unexpected joyous expression states "Let me introduce you to Sonic Colors!"


Yes rejoice sonic fans off all ages, newcomers,and veterans alike the best 3d sonic game of all time has finally arrived in your local video game stores, and hopefully your Christmas presents.


After the much anticipated sonic unleashed many fans were disappointed because of two factors 1) Werehog and 2) Wii's/ps2 version This was the first 3d sonic game in the last 2 years where sonic actually returns to his roots and proves to many of the non believers both former and continuous that there is hope for sonic. Now the glimmer has expanded into a vast flare with Sonic Colors,


GRAPHICS: the graphics in this game are second to none it almost makes me forget I'm playing the Wii, While not as eye popping as its previous unleashed title the environments are as beautiful as ever and can easily rival some 360/ps3 graphics (make sure you eat before you take a visit to the candy mountain world)


STORY: (SPOILER ALERT) This storyline was a little over the top for me eggman creates a universal apology to all by creating an amusement in space to guise his evil plan for universal domination? I think that IQ of 300 just dropped a hundred points, who is he trying to fool? Anyway Tails is cautious and warns the skeptical sonic that he possibly has turned a new leaf, Sonic investigates. Later we find out that Eggman is using beings known as wisp to fuel his mind control cannon to take over the world. In the end Sonic and some help from the wisp stops eggman and returns to his home.


GAMEPLAY: The game play is awesome the controls moderately easy are smooth no stiff jumping or glitchy speed. The Sonic's speed boost has been toned down for better control and for those with slower reflects. Personally i think unleash had more intensity and the speed was more adrenaline pumping and kind of takes away the experience of speed in COLORS It feels like sonic unleashed handicapped or a down grade from burnout 3 (sonic unleashed) to need for speed (Sonic Colors) but this issue is minor at best, running grinding and zip lining is so fun you'll barely noticed a difference . The wisp are a nice bonus it makes the game easier and more unique, the platforming is pretty good too though at one point during my first experience I was launched off screen and assume I was coming back down but I didnt I was on a platform that cant be seen a minor issue but I like to see where I'm going. The difficulty in stages of the game is out of control, it can go from easy to difficult in am matter of 3 stages and even take a reverse order  there's no consistency. levels aren't Halo 2 legendary difficult but you will be doing alot of exploring if you want bonus content. Luckily Sonic colors has moderate replay value. In summary, NOT A STUPID MARIO GALAXY GAME RIP OFF!


SOUND: The music was then written to "expand beyond the usual 'cool' Sonic sound and focus on making fun, up-tempo music that will really get players' blood pumping." - Wikipedia I consider this to be a double edge sword the music in my eyes is a back up to the usually clunky games sega has released in the past and has meaning and adrenaline pumping music that fits the pace of gameplay. In sonic colors its still there but the music isn't as good as it was in the sonic adventure, 06, or even unleashed days (which I consider to have the best soundtrack so far) The voice acting is actually (gasp) respectable?! With the replacement of the sonic x cast I was pretty skeptical but then I realized how stupid I was. When I heard the voices I was pleased, Tails sounded like a young boy, and sonic actually sounds like an adolescent. Sorry jason griffith and ryan drummond fans, time to move on. In summary, NOT A STUPID MARIO GALAXY GAME RIP OFF!


I recommend this sonic game to anyone it has universal appeal, its fun, its co-op friendly and it has enough content to keep you playing for days if not weeks. Its no sonic and knuckles but its *** sure not sonic 06, or any of the stupid secret rings and knight wii spin offs either.