Poor Sonic's had a tough life. From standing side by side to Mario as the ultimate platform game, to now being reduced to a joke, it's the equivalent of a rock star's sob story. Now, with Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors, Sonic's doing his best to get out of this slump, and it's working.
Gameplay: If you've played Sonic Unleashed, or at least the daytime levels, you'll understand how this game works. Shifting from 2D to 3D, you have to platform your way to the goal ring and finish the level. It's your basic Sonic, or any platformer for that matter, formula, but there's also a twist: the Wisps.
The Wisps are these little alien creatures that Sonic must save from Doctor Robotnik. In levels, you can collect them and use them to turn Sonic into a drill, a spinning buzz saw, or other strange transformations. These add some nice diversity and challenge to the gameplay, and really change the way you can get through the level. Once you unlock every wisp, you can even go back through already completed levels and use them, finding  new and faster ways to complete them.
Story:This is probably the best Sonic story in a while, especially with the new voice actors. I was actually excited to see the conclusion. This is also a really funny Sonic game, intentionally! I found myself laughing out loud to some of the silly and cheesy jokes and slapstick worthy of a 1990s cartoon. The characters are the same as ever; Robotnik's a jerk, Sonic's full of himself, and Tails is shy and nice. Speaking of 1990s cartoons, Robotnik has two robot sidekicks that call back to Chicken and Scratch from The New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
 Graphics: With flashy space backgrounds, great looking environments, and cool CG cutscenes, Sonic Colors looks fantastic. While playing, I experienced no slowdown, stutter, or screen tearing. It's an extremely colorful (no pun intended) game, and looks great the whole way through.
Cons: Some of the levels can get really tough, and the controls can get janky sometimes, equalling a cheap death. The really sad part is, you just have to keep trying; there's no way to skip a hard level. While this may please nostalgic gamers and purists, most people don't want to anger themselves to the point of not wanting to play anymore.
Overall: While certainly not the best Sonic game, Sonic Colors is close. It's easily the best 3D Sonic game in the series' arsenal, though it doesn't surpass the 2D games.